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Take a look at this kitty!

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This poor thing came in as a stray, maybe 5 lbs, matted, full of poop, dehydrated - I didn't think she'd live. It's been a month now, look at how bad she still looks - but man - this is a thousand times better than the day she arrived. She acts pretty semi-feral to me - shys away from people, slinks along the ground, seeking out corners or places to hide.

Anyways - what do you call this color pattern?

Everyone keeps asking if she's a "Ragdoll". I keep telling them no - she's a gorgeous DLH - but I can't think of the name for her color pattern.

And these photos do not even begin to do her eyes justice!! You may note an odd glimmer on her right eye - she has a cloudy spot there.

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She is a very pretty girl!
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Poor baby! She's a cutie!
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I do think she has some ragdoll on her... Her face doesn't really show though... As far as her color, Mink Calico Color point??
Or Seal Tortie Point Bicolor...
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She is very pretty!!!!
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Tortie of some kind?

Torties come in different colours. Chocolate tortie, lilac tortie etc. She looks to have 3 colours.
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Propably seal tortie point (with white?). Very beautiful!
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I'd say Seal Tortie point and white mitted.
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She's GORGEOUS!! Aww, bless you for saving her life!
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She's very pretty. Give her a month or two more to re-coup and you have a HHP class show cat in the making.

I know that's most likely the last thing this girl wants is to be displayed at a show, but she's got the look. Fatten her up a bit more and some new lucky owner will have show potential kitty to be very proud of.
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A very striking Tortie Point longhair. When she gets all fixed up with a nice coat - she would make a very good show prospect
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OK - someone want a shy, slightly older, rough around the edges looking kitty to turn into a show cat?
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Hubby won't let me get another Oci (lavender-silver) so he won't let me have her. And besides - I have better luck showing males - not females. She still would make a good show prospect in my book
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