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Introducing my newest family member - Harvex!

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My BF got me this little guy for my birthday. He's about 6 months old, a single mane lionhead bunny. Right now he's about 3.5-4lbs.

The kitties haven't met him yet. I am now living in Knoxville with the BF and the kitties are still in Atlanta with my parents awaiting our closing on our new house (thought the less moving the better for stress reasons...)!

Does anybody else here have house bunnies and kitties? Some people say you can have bunnies run around the house uncaged in homes with cats but I don't know if I will trust my boys that much! The info I've got on this is from bunny people, so input from cat lovers would be great!
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Would this help? He's so cute!
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Aw, he's adorable! Congrats.

I don't have rabbits, but I do have Chinchillas. My cats pretty much ignore them. Tynee, my youngest, can be curious sometimes and swats at them, attempting to play. Nothing rough or too pushy. My Chins have free run of my family room and are confined in there with two baby cats. Of course the cats jump over them. I don't let them around each other without surpervision, though.
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Cutest little bunny ever! I hope you have a lot of fun with him.
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What a cutie! Congrats!

As for rabbits and cats, about 8 years ago, I had a bunny and 5 cats. The bunny was there first, and the cats (except for one) were all brought home as kittens so they grew up with her. The one that was a taken in stray just ignored her. They all got along fine, but a lot depends on the cats' personalities.
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I love Lionheads! One of my girls is a purebred Lionhead, the other is a Dutch/Lop mix from an accidental litter.

If you're going to let him loose in the house, you DEFINITELY want to have him neutered. . .buck bunnies are as bad as tomcats!!! Unspayed females are almost as bad (in case he's misidentified---gender identification is tough in young rabbits). And you'll want to safeguard your woodwork. Nothing is safe from the bunny teeth of destruction!

In most cases, cats won't hurt adult rabbits. Don't underestimate how tough a bunny can be! They kick. And bite.

My go-to guide for all things rabbit-related:
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Well, the good news is Harvex is DEFINATELY a boy (his little boy bits have dropped and are obvious...)

I doubt he will ever be a free run bunny but I like to give him lots of out of the cage time to play (supervised). I am hoping the kitties will ignore him so I won't have to lock them up when its time for him to come out. They don't have a very high prey drive and are really pretty lazy so I think it will be fine.

He will be neutered in about a month. The vet wanted to wait a little longer since we are not 100% sure of his age. The people we got him from said they got him 3 months ago from a pet store as a baby, who knows exactly how old that is? The vet wants to make sure he is at least 6 months old and err on the side of older vs. too young.

I have been posting on another forum for rabbits: Rabbits Online
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