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Weather Cats

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Does anyone else have a weather cat?

Miss Kitty is the stray who adopted my hubby and since being totally spoiled by the comforts of an indoor home she had not been eager to return to coping with the elements. Which means she spends almost the entire winter inside because she HATES snow.

It also means she doesn't like being out in the rain, so she has a knack for showing up just before it's going to rain & refusing to go out right before it's going to rain. She's better then the weather channel!

So far the only time I've seen her tricked was this week we had a freak storm that got everyone around us outside of our 1km radius and we stayed nice & sunny - but I don't blame her, we were all confused about that one!

In fact she JUST came in and we got a little 5 minute sun shower - man is she good!!

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Since I live in the tropics, my kitties may not be weather cats. No experience with extreme climate changes.
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Well that's Ok if no one else has a cat that predicts weather I always knew Miss Kitty was one of a kind!!
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How neat! My kitties are indoor only, so they're not good at weather predictions. However, they do miss the sun on cloudy or rainy days.
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Can't say that any of mine predict the weather. That's pretty cool that Miss Kitty can!

Mine just react to the weather - Annie is scared during thunderstorms, which makes sense since I rescued her from the forest in May, so she was definitely outside when there were thunderstorms. Trent does not like wind, he hides when it gets really windy. Ophelia, Ginger and Mojo are oblivious to the weather unless it's really bad and scary.
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Mine know when it's going to rain and they run around extra crazy for a few hours beforehand. My sisters cats are the same way, we don't get a lot of rain around here so I guess it excites the cats
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