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Number of litter box at your house...

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I currently have two cats with two litter boxes at home, but I would like to reduce it to one because I am lazy. One of the boxes that I have does not require scooping when cleaning, and it makes cleaning the litter box a piece of cake. In addition, I have seen both of my cats using both boxes alternatively. However, since it has only been into the 3rd week since the addition of GuaiGuai, I don't know whether it will be too much of the shock for both of them. Also, I don't know whether it is the norm to have more than one box at home if there is more than one cat in the household.

So, please let me know, if you have more than one cat at home, the number of litter box you have. Also, if you have good recommendation for me regarding keeping or eliminating one of my box, I would gratefully appreciate your input.

thanks. Jean
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One box is not even adequate for one cat. In the wild, the cat will not pee and poop in the same place. They always do one, then move off a short distance and do their other business. It really is not natural for them to use one box, and it is really asking a lot out of them to require two cats to use one box.

You say you are lazy, but giving them three boxes would really make less work for you and less stress for them.

I have 12 boxes, my cats are indoor/outdoor, but I still have litterpans in the cat room. I use a small bucket, a scoop, and i have a larger covered pail nearby. I scoop into the small bucket, making the rounds- then pour the waste into the larger covered bucket. I scrub the pans 3 times a week, add new litter twice a week. Before I dump new litter into a clean pan, I spray the inside bottom with PAM cooking spray. The litter goes on top and their is no more sticking to the bottom of the pan when I clean.
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Thanks, Hissy... I guess I will keep both of my boxes. I am living in a one-bed room apartment. So for us, two boxes are the max for now...
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Do not get rid of the "extra" box!!!!! If you do, you will be spending lots more time than you do now but it will be time spent cleaning up pee from the carpet!!!

And, if you think about it, there will be the same amount of pee and poop in the one box, so you'll spend just as much time cleaning it as you do cleaning two. If you like the one type of box, why not buy a second one just like the one you like?

If anything, I would add one more box, but definately would not remove a box!

(I have 6 cats and 8 litter boxes.)
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One is not even an option. Tybalt has suggested we just order a truckload and have them dump it in the basement

We have 13 cats and 11 boxes right now.
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we have..i don't even know how many now. ALOT! 2,2,2,1,1 what does that equal 8 litter boxes and eight inside kitties right now. Even when snowwhite goes back out we will keepthe eight boxes/
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2 cats, three boxes on two levels of the house. They have their favourites. I thought that each cat would use one box, but they don't. One box is used for pee, one for poo, and one is a multi purpose utility box (the one by the front door). I think they use that when they are too lazy to go all the way upstairs.
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Someone should invent a self-cleaning cat litter.
Where the little balls sort of absorb the pee and poo and then multiply into new clean kitty litter!!

so in the long run you wind up with too much kitty litter.
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We had two cats and two boxes, but after our other cat died, JC only used the one box, so I removed the second box after a few months. The rule I've always heard is "one box per cat per floor". I imagine I'll add another litterbox again later when JC is older, so that the distance to his box isn't too far.
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Well, I'm in the minority here. I have 2 cats, and only one box. But its a big one, I use one of those rubbermaid totes so its quite big, and deep too.

I have to keep my litterbox in the basement due to licensing regulations from the state because of my home daycare. Its not an option for me to have a litter box on any of the levels of my house that children have access to. I used to have 2, but I switched to the one big one and have had no trouble.

Just my situation though.
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I have 3 cats and 6 litter boxes.
I have 4 upstairs (that is where the cats spend the majority of their time), 1 on the main floor and 1 in the basement.

I learned the hard way when it came to the number of boxes to have. When I got Tiki, she didn't like sharing. At the time I only had 3 boxes (2 upstairs and 1 on the main floor). She requested that I have more by peeing on my bed and the couches. Once I added a few more boxes, no more pee problems.*knocking on wood*
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I have four boxes. One for each cat. pretty weird I guess but I think that is what is best. that way they can choose which one to go in and never have to worry if one is "occupied" or not. I have two in my basement and two upstairs. all of the people that come in here say that it is amazing we have four cats. They would never know unless they see them is what they also tell us. I guess that means my house doesn't smell of cat boxes? LOL!
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I have 7 cats at present. Muffin , my little kitten has a cage to herself so she needs a litter tray. Boy lives with my dad and has one tray inside because he's an outdoor cat. My three de-sexed's , Loonie, Elmo & Yogi spend most of their life outside. And my Nana is looking after L.E may at the moment due to house troubles and Holly & Sophie live inside and so that's( when all my 3 de-sexed's come inside) one litter box for 5 cats BUT I clean it twice a day and it never smells, [ we scoop after poop]. So 3 Litter boxes for 7 cats.
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I've always read you should have 1 litterbox per cat plus an additional one. In other words - 3 cats = 4 litterboxes. That's what we have presently. The only one who uses strictly one litterbox is Lucky (our feral girl). The other girls use whichever litterbox they choose.
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I'm going to echo Daniella here- I have two cats and one huge box ( a rubbermaid tote as well) and my boys seem perfectly happy with it.Its twice as long and three times as wide as my biggest cat- so they tend to pee in one end and poo in the other.

The only problem I've ever had is when I tried to move it to the back room instead of in the hall where it usually is. Gibbons showed his displeasure by peeing all over my laundry His previous abusive owners took him outside to pee once a day (he was 5 weeks old when I got him from them) and didn't provide him with a litterbox at all. When he messed on the floor, his nose was rubbed in it and he was smacked So, I'll let him be in control of where he wants his potty to be, its the least I can do for him
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I have two cats and two litterboxes. Before I even found this place I found out the hard way about that, and they were just little tiny kittens. When we brought Trent home, Ophelia would NOT let him use *her* litterbox. I mean, it was the only thing in the whole world that was hers, so I understand. He pee'd on the bed twice and poo'd on some clothes once before we figured it out (Stupid humans!!). We could tell that he held it just as long as his little body would let him. As soon as we got 2 litterboxes, no problems at all. For the longest time, they used separate boxes, but now they share just fine.
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One kitty - one very large covered litter box, which I clean often.
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i think the ratio is 1 cat: 1 litter box. i have three kitties, and they have three litter boxes at home. They have three litter mats now.

Also, i have disposable litter boxes handy whenever i take my kitties out.

To be honest, i find my kitties pretty high maintenance.

i have to sift out their litter boxes at least 2-3 times a day. i use a napkin, dampened in hot water, to wipe around the litter boxes whenever i scoop out the undesirables.

Also, i have to wash their boxes once a week, scrubbing them with a brush and detergent, and rinsing them off with very hot water. i use a hair dryer to blow dry after each wash.

Every effort is worth it, cos i LOVE my babies SO MUCH!!! Teehee!

i was thinking it is most ideal you have TWO litter boxes since you have two kitties.

Smiles and Cheers!
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I have 14 litter boxes for my 13 cats AND 2 large and 2 kitten sized in the room with foster mom and her babies.
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Do you breed cats Jen? If so which breed? Sam
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Originally posted by suraya_putra
Someone should invent a self-cleaning cat litter.
There is a self cleaning litter box, isn't there? Self cleaning litter would be nice though too! LOL.

Peaches' slave
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I have two cats and two litter boxes. The only place I can put them is in the bathroom. (I am in a 1 bedroom apartment and all the other rooms have wall to wall carpeting).
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I have four cats and my mom has one cat. We have two litter boxes.
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i have 2 cats and 1 covered litter box, i know they should have one each, but they always have shared a litter box, and they don't seem to mind (they have NEVER soiled anywhere else thank God!)
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