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Pics of Franklin: Mini Dapple Doxie

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Well Ive got pics of the kitties now hes some of my Franklin AKA: Wee-Wee He is my nine month old miniature dacschund who thinks he is the boss of everyone especially GiGi our kitten..Little does he know soon enough he will be back to being the smallest in the house! But he will always have the biggest mouth!

Enjoy...Im sure Franklin will love the fact that now other people can look at him LOL...He wont have to boost his self esteem by looking in the mirror anymore!!!

Have a nice day everyone

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Awwwww, what a sweetheart .
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Awh, he's adorable!
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He might feel less bossy if he didn't have his parts!

Cute doxie.
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What a cutie! My BIL and SIL have one just like him (Jacob) and I love him to bits. He loves me too. I am one of 2 people that he goes crazy for when I visit. He whines at my feet if I don't love on him and if I do he gets so excited he pees. He's special and I can see yours is very special too.
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Franklin pees for his grammy and pap pap when they come over!! My step dad told me its a doxie thing his parents had doxies that did that!
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He is adorable! That is almost my favorite type of favorite type is longhaired dapple minis. I knew one who was a therapy dog, really great dog.
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I just love dapples! SO cute. He's a heartbreaker!
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What a li'l cutie!
I am not a small dog person,but always loved Dachshunds!
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Im not a small dog person either..I wanted a Rottie but BF said no way jose on that one he doesnt like big dogs and his family has always had doxies so thats what my choice was..LOL...Franklin has the personality of a rottie though and I love him he is the best (yet most annoying) guard dog ever cuz he barks at every noise he hears but I love that ball of energy anyways hes amazing..Even if he steals my water bottles right off the coffee table..His newest addiction!! LOL..
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we have a 3 year old tweenie balck and tan.. and he is the same, smallest dog with the biggest attitude, but i wouldn't trade him for anything!
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Aww... he's adorable!
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If I ever got a small dog,it would be a Dachshund.
The only thing is,I probably wouldn't be able to handle all the barking!
My friend's neighbour has three doxies and they are noisey little guys! Cute though!
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Franklin is a yapper..But normally only when Im gone or he hears a noise and wants to talk to us. Its not to bad right now though because we are trying so very hard to break the barking habit we dont want a barking ankle biter dog. But he does have a nasty tendancy to talk back when he is getting disciplined!! Must be the teenager stage!!!
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