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How far would you travel to see a vet?

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Nova's regular vet left the clinic he was at, so we started taking her to a cats-only vet.

We've since moved, and the cats-only vet (who we absolutely love!) is now 23 miles away (which takes about 30-50 minutes (no traffic vs. traffic on the freeway).
We got a flyer in the mail and saw that Nova's regular vet opened his own practice (for cats and dogs) and is now 5 miles (12 minutes through town) away.

Nova hates them both. I like both vets, but I like that the focus is on cats at the place that's inconveniently located. So I'm not really sure where to take her now.

ETA: I don't have a reason for not wanting to see the regular vet. Just a preference for a place that specializes in cats. Where we lived before, there wasn't as big of a difference in mileage between the two vets.
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I prefer to use a local vet. The nearest cat only clinic is 130? or closer to 150 miles away (OKC itself is a very spread out city). A two hour drive is too much stress for my cats, costs too much in gas, and isn't reasonable with our schedules. In the case of an emergency I would prefer a vet that knows my cats and is nearby as well.

As for specialists, that's the same as it is with our care. If a good one cannot be found closer than we'll make that two hour trip.
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I just did a mapquest to see how far I drive to my cat-only vet. 21 miles.
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for a specialist it is a few hours ...

oriental med vet is 30 plus miles but she satellites about 13... reg vets are within 2 miles luckily
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I find that good vets that meet all my criteria are hard to come by, so if they are within a one hour drive from me, then I have no problem going there. That's for a regular vet, but if there was a serious medical condition and I wanted to bring my pets to see the best of the best, e.g. if it were a risky surgery that I only trust particular vets to do, then I may be crazy, but I would travel across the country. (By plane, of course.)
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I guess I'd travel as far as I had to, but would prefer to use a vet as close to me as possible in case of emergency's. One reason I haven't moved out of this rental that's falling down around us is the proximity to my favorite vets office. He's close enough that if I had an emergency with the car broken down I could walk there toting a cat carrier. We haven't had any emergency's, but it's nice to know he's close.
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Nearest feline specialist to me is a 4 hour drive. Cats get the same vet the horses do. This isn't the closest vet, but I trust him and his staff. Still, an hour drive.
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I didn't know miles so I wasn't going to vote but saw that it takes you 30-35 mins and it normally takes me about 25-30 mins to get to my vet so I voted 20+
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My vet is about 20 miles away now, I'd travel an hour to an hour and a half to see him if one of us ended up moving because I trust him and like him so much.
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I would prefer to stay close by as long as the vet is good. The vet I have is great, and even if an awesome cat specific vet opened up 20+ miles away I would stick with my vet, unless they couldn't solve a problem. The cats don't hate the car, but they don't like either - I try to keep the total "away from the house" time to a minimum.
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I voted 5-10 miles because our current vet is 8-10 miles away. It's a 15-30 minute drive depending on which route you take and how bad traffic is. They are definitely not the closest vet to us. None of the closer vets follow the new vaccine protocols or carry the Purevax rabies vaccine. I would have gone further if needed.
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When it comes to my animals vet care, from the reptiles to the dogs, distance is not the factor unless it is an extreme emergency. I place way more value on expertise and quality experienced care than just distance when it comes to my pets.
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I have no idea on miles, but I drive 45-60 minutes to my wonderful vet. There are others closer, and I would use them in an emergency but for everyday stuff I'm more than willing to travel for the care they receive.
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My first vet in Tampa was less than 1 mile away. I really really liked everybody there but they closed down After several trials & errors, I found "cat only" vet within 5 miles away from my old home. Now, after relocation, I found a vet who's not only very close(less than 2 miles) & reputable, but fortunately also specializes in cat.
I'd still come to this vet even if I were to move to another part of town or city on this island.
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There aren't any feline-only practices in the general area, so that's not even a consideration. There are several vet practices, though, and I don't take Jamie to the closest, but to the one I like best. Luckily that's only a 10-minute drive, and close enough to get him there in a hurry, if need be.

I would go much, much farther if he needed a specialist, of course.
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