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Genever's good for laughs...

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There are some things that you see cats do once in a while, and it's funny. Like sitting in a people-sitting position (not just to clean their tummies, I mean just sitting up like that), or sticking their tongues out, as if they don't know it's just hanging all out there. Genever does these things pretty much daily, and it never gets old!

And then there's this one. No, she was not falling back, she was just sitting like that.

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Originally Posted by DarkMavis View Post

She's so awesome....and gonna be pretty in pink

I love how laid back and "chilled" she is.
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She is so purty! She makes me smile just by looking at her.
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omg she's soo adorable!! I love the pics with her tongue sticking out She has a very sweet expression
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OMG those are hysterical
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great shots! She looks like quite the character!
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Thank you all for the nice comments!

And yeah, she is a character for sure!
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Thanks for posting the link to this, I never saw it before. As you know, I love Genever a lot, and these just make me love her more!
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LOVE the tongue pixs! She looks like she's quite the character She a beauty too.
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She and Hoshi would get along with their "chill sitting" Neko also enjoys sticking his tongue out like she does, but I never catch a pic

Genever's beautiful!
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She has no shame at all huh? She is such an awesome cat!
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LMAO lovin the G-Cat shes my favorite cross country kitty.
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