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I've recently gotten back into making jewelry and I have spent the entire weekend buying beads, findings, cord, wire, crimps etc.

Separating beads though...UGH!

Most are ok as most are larger wood or glass beads, but the task of separating teeny, tiny seed and bugle beads of similar colors, one at a time is just about as tedious as it gets.
Reminds me of one of the reasons I quit doing this in the first place.
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Funny how that happens, huh? That happens to me every time I start a sewing project....I plan it, and pick out fabric, but once I start it, I get tired of it quickly.

You'll have more fun once the beads are sorted, though!
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I'm a beader, too! And I actually enjoy sorting beads, unless I'm in a huge hurry. I wonder... do you have a Vellux bead mat and a little aluminum triangle to do it with? If not, those would make it a lot easier and more pleasant for you, I think. Should be available at a bead store for about a dollar apiece.

What kind of beading do you do? Can you show us some pictures?
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I don't even have room for a bead mat
I bead directly out of my bead box.

I do wire beading, hemp cord, bead loom and old fashioned bead needle and thread hand beading.
I don't have much here, made a 5 minute wood/acrylic bead and cotton cord necklace for my mom last night and some wire and wood earrings this morning, and I have a couple of experimental pieces that I wear.

Give me 5 minutes I'll post pics of what I have here.
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Ok, the jewelry pics are kind of small and blurry, buy here are a few pieces.

This one is an anklet, knoted/braided hemp cord with cowry shell, wooden beads and a bead and loop closure.

This is a necklace of knoted/braided hemp cord and wooden beads with a lobster claw clasp.

This is a bracelet, 6 strands of jewelry wire strung with glass seed, pony and bugle beads with a lobster claw clasp.
The colors are black, white, pearled ivory, pearled bone, rose and irridescent rose.

This is a quick pair of earrings, strung on jewelry wire using 1.5 inch flat oval wooden beads, black glass pony beads and seed beads and acrylic turquoise on french hooks.

And this is my box of treasure
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They're lovely Arlyn! I'm impressed you can make things so quickly too.
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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
They're lovely Arlyn! I'm impressed you can make things so quickly too.
Thank you!
I'm quick because once a design pops into my head, I become a bit OCD until I finish the piece
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Wow, pretty!
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