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Needed: Major Vibes for Great-Niece

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My niece and her husband are getting divorced; their first court hearing is today for a temporary order of support and custody. Niece's husband has been a stay-at-home Dad while she's been the bread-winner (their choice). When they met, she had an 8 month old daughter---the result, she's always said, of a one-night stand and she doesn't know who the father is. (I don't beleive that part, I think he was a married man) The daughter is now almost 13, and the niece and her hubby had 3 sons together. The niece now lives in my town and her family lives 3 hours away. She has decided she wants her daughter to live with her here, not her sons mind you, just her daughter. Her poor daughter, my great niece, is beside herself. She obviously doesn't want to leave her Dad ( yes, I know he's legally a step-Dad, but he's the only father she's ever known and she adores him), her little brothers, her grandparents, or her friends. She's even written a letter to the judge asking him to let her stay with her Dad. For reasons I won't get into, this little girl has no business living with her Mom.

Please, please keep this young lady in your thoughs and prayers. Any positive vibes sent her family's way would be deeply appreciated.
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Originally Posted by libby74 View Post

Please, please keep this young lady in your thoughs and prayers. Any positive vibes sent her family's way would be deeply appreciated.
She is indeed in my thoughts.

What a rough situation. I hope the courts listen to her

Many, many that things go well, and she is able to stay with her brothers and father.
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for the little girl. I hope the judge hears what she has to say.
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that a very understanding judges hears the case and realizes under the circumstances your great-nieces wishes should be heard..
Lots of good thoughts, prayers and vibes going out to her.

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This is a tough situation. Did the step-dad legally adopt the girl? If not, it could get really sticky trying to get custody of her. Lots of prayers and coming your way. for your family and you.
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Did the step-dad legally adopt the girl?
No, he didn't, and I know that's a major hurdle. Having an adopted daughter myself, I told them for years that he needed to make it legal. The excuse was always "we don't have the extra money." Of course, that didn't stop her Mom from buying a $50,000 car, $700 shoes, and $400 purses.

The hearing should actually be over with by now, but I haven't heard anything from my nephew-in-law yet. I don't know if that's a good sign or not.
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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

There weren't a lot of you sending vibes, but they worked! My great-niece is staying with her Dad & brothers. I've been grinning ever since I found out. My nephew-in-law played a little dirty, but I think he was justified. Before the hearing he told his wife what info he had on her and that he would call the state's attorney to have her license revoked. (let's just say she's in the medical field and the dirt involves the theft of vicoden) She decided it would be in her daughter's best interest to stay with her Dad.

Can't stop grinning, but wanted to thank all of you!
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Great news! Is he going to take steps now to adopt her, just in case her mother changes her mind later and tries to fight him?
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That is wonderful news but I agree 100% with Goldycat he should really adoption procedures as soon as possible to prevent more heartache in the future...
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I don't know that he can adopt her without her Mom's consent, and I don't see her giving it. They separated last summer, tried to work it out last fall; at that time I told him to get the adoption process going---sort of as a sign that they were really serious about working things out. When I talked to him earlier I insisted that he tell his attorney that at the minimum he needed to be appointed her legal guardian. As much dirt as he has on his wife (and truthfully, I don't think you'd believe some of the things she's done) he may be able to get her to consent to an adoption as part of his settlement. I'll definitely bring that up to him.

My great niece is just beside herself; she is absolutely thrilled, and is the luckiest little girl in Illinois tonight. Her grandmother (my SIL has told me the gr, niece waits at the door for her Dad to come home from work just to give him a hug. Dad is definitely her rock and she needs to be with him)
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Goodness Gracious! I didn't see this this morning (or much else), so couldn't send , but I'm so glad to read that there were enough to carry the day!!! What a relief that this worked out. I hope the step-Dad gets the adoption process going and doesn't get a bunch of grief from the Mom.
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That is absolutely fantastic news

I am very very happy for everyone concerned.
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....Oh.... I hope this never pass on couples...
.... for her!..........
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