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Changing Patterns

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Hey Gang... ok this falls under the category of inexperience... I'm the one in a previous post who had a female stray show up this past spring & had her kittens under our deck (unique I know!)... over the last week or so the Mom seems to be more & more distant & spending much less time around the house or at least around us & the kittens... my questions are;

> Is this pretty standard?
> What's the possibility that she will leave?

It is kind of strange, but the kittens seem much more friendly with us when she is not around... they are around 4-5 months now I believe... any thoughts would be great!

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She's definitely weaning them and getting ready to go have another litter . If you're going to TNR her, now is the best time because soon she will be gone for good.

Now would also be a good time to start socializing the kittens if you are going to tame them.

All up to personal choice. If their is a no-kill in your area maybe contact them about taking the kittens in and spaying mom?
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Hi Tes... thanks for your post... yes, we do have a TNR program here (SE Michigan) & I plan to take all four in to have them fixed & then take care of all as outdoor/garage cats as we have 10 acres & lots of critters (they're keepin the moles away like no other!)... so it sounds like the mom's typically take off after they have their litter & go somewhere else to have another litter or will she live here (for the food/shelter) & have another litter?

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She would live there if confined, but left on her own, it is likely she'll wander off.

Don't know how handy you are.... but have you considered building an enclosure for them? I know you want them to have access to the garage for heat in the Winter... but what about rather than letting them go free (with all of the dangers that entails), you consider something like this?

Just a thought. It sure helps with the problems of obsessing about where they are if they don't turn up. And it is a rather dangerous world out there for them....
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Wow... very fancy LDG! but it would kind of kill my idea of having them around to control rodents... would make sense in the winter though... anyway, it looks like I may be too late (unless I trap which I will if I have to) to get the mom to get fixed as she has not been back to eat/sleep in the garage for 2 nights now... although the weather has been great & my wife has seen her out in the field over the last few days... I can't get her fixed until my upcoming vacation (8/31) as the rescue shelter is like an 1 hr away... keep up the good work LDG... looks like you live in some fairly heavy country... where abouts are you in NY?

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Also... I am wondering when I take them to the rescue for spay/nuetering can I take 2 in one carrier or will they maul/hurt each other? Again, dumb question but I lack the experience... thoughts?

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I'm sure the kittens would be fine if you placed them all in the same carrier. Alternatively cardboard boxes lined with newspaper (and some paper towel) would work very well too.

You can still keep them around for mouse control! but if you have them fixed you'll also have their population controlled .

Are you sure their isn't a small shelter group closer to you? They would probably be able to lend you a trap.
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I did check around & couldn't seem to find anything closer... as we live in a pretty rural County... unfortunately... but I really won't need a trap as I have picked all of them up on a regular basis without too much of a struggle... the mom & the (2) boys are least receptive but I think the cardboard box idea would work too... thanks of the advice!
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