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If you could meet historical figures

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both living and dead who would you like to meet and talk to? My list would be, Thomas Jefferson, Virginia Woolf, John Adams, Charles Dickens, Lillian Jackson Braun, Jane Goodall.
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Bill Clinton, Airton Senna, Jesus, Princess Di, Bob Marley -
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Not a complete list:

Alexander the Great
Julius Caesar
Marcus Aurelius
King Richard I*
Martin Luther
Napolean Bonaparte
Otto Von Bismarck
George Washington
Ben Franklin
Thomas Jefferson
Meriwether Lewis
William Clark
Abraham Lincoln
Frederick Douglass
Robert E. Lee
John Buford
Susan B. Anthony
Teddy Roosevelt
Irwin Rommel
George S. Patton Jr.
Richard Winters
Winston Churchill
Margaret Thatcher
Ronald Reagan

*Richard and Saladin fought against each other during the Third Crusade. They developed a real respect for each other but never met face to face.
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Joan of Arc; I've always been fascinated by her, and chose Joan as my Confirmation name.

Mary Magdalene---I want the real story.

Vincent van Gogh---my favorite artist, and such a tortured soul.

Edgar Allen Poe---another tortured genius and a magnificently gifted author.
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I have always been curious to know how great women like Elizabeth the 1st, Katherine the Great, and Cleopatra so successfully ruled their worlds.
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Most definitely Alexander the Great. I was a tad obsessed with him when I was a teenager

Jim Morrison

Edgar Allan Poe - I would love to find out what happened to him when he disappeared before he died.
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Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable...Gone With the Wind is my alll time fav movie!
Nora Roberts- I want to tell her how much I love her books and how much they helped me thru some rough times!
Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain- He was in charge of the 20th Maine Regiment during the battle of gettysburg and Id love to hear his story on that battle and especially day two.
Gen Robert E Lee
Ulysses S Grant
Abraham Lincoln
**Yeah Im obsessive about the Civil War**
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Another civil war buff!! I would want to meet Abraham Lincoln, Grant and Sherman. Also, John Lennon.
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Originally Posted by 3CatsN1Dog View Post
Nora Roberts- I want to tell her how much I love her books and how much they helped me thru some rough times!
Email or leave a message on her site? While she may not respond, she'd probably read it -eventually.

Hmm, who'd I like to meet?

Marie Curie would probably be one and I've always thought Richard Feynman was interesting and, of course, is responsible to some major contributions to physics.

And Andre Norton (Alice Mary Norton) sounds like she would have been a wonderful individual to know. Cat lover, did crafts like beading, opened a library for other writers, etc.
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I would have loved to meet Bob Hope.
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Leonardo Da Vinci
Arthur Conan Doyle
Vincent Price
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Jesus - but I know that I'll get to meet him in Heaven. Would have been cool to be with him when he walked on earth and seen the miracles
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