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Cat panting alot after minimal exercise?

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Our 6 month old Siamese cross (will be neutered in September) pants heavily, like a dog, after minimal exercise. I had him at the vet last night for vaccinations & exam but I completely forgot to mention the panting (because I am a horrible and forgetful Cat Mom apparently). I will bring it up in a few weeks when we take him in for the neuter, but I thought I'd mention it here, in case anyone has had a similar experience?
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Has it just started happening?

My kitties will pant after bout 5 mins of DaBird play (heavy play) but in the warmer weather, which it is right now, they pant after only a couple mins. so I have to take a break every few mins.

The above post has lots of info.

I would definately mention it to your vet at your next appt. OR if he starts panting after normal, non-strenous activity, then I would get him in sooner.
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Thank you Chris! I found some encouraging advice on those links. I am not as worried now as I was. It has been REALLY hot here, especially the days when he pants the most, it's super warm. I am almost panting on those days.

One person suggested shaving the cat during the most heated summer months... I considered that but wasn't sure if it would be bad for him in some way?
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Yup, some people give their cat a haircut called a lion cut in the warm months.... especially when they have thick fur.

Shaving him would not be detrimental (aside from the risks of nipping him with the clippers) and I'd strongly suggest you get it done professionally unless you are capable to do it yourself.

I could never give Kizzy a haircut....just the sound of clippers and he freaks...

So I just do what I can to keep them cool...(fans, icecubes in the water bowl, tiles for them to lay on, etc.) and shorten play time... When I notice heavy panting, play stops...when panting stops, play starts again On really hot days, I don't play. (as in NO laser pointer or DaBird)
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Hmmm... I think that would be a good option for Cash, the panting boy. Now I need to find some good clippers and an assistant willing to be clawed.

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Originally Posted by PintaMeez View Post
Hmmm... I think that would be a good option for Cash, the panting boy. Now I need to find some good clippers and an assistant willing to be clawed.

LOL....clip his nails first If he's never heard clippers before, you may want to try to get him used to the sound before clipping.

If you do clip him, make sure to post pics
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Ever since Zoe was a kitten she would pant after minimal exercise. I mentioned it during one of her first vet visits as a kitten and they did an xray and found that she had pectus excavatum where her rib cage and heart are malformed. There's a surgery to correct it but it looked much more painful and uncomfortable than what she was going through. I chose not to have the surgery - I do not know what the condition will cause in terms of lifespan but she seems happy and still plays with her brother. She is about 7 years old now (and still pants). I just give her a break when I'm playing with her and make sure Drake does as well.
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Originally Posted by Snake_Lady View Post
If you do clip him, make sure to post pics
I certainly will... I'll get a before-and-after collage for you guys to laugh at.

snmcdowell - Poor Zoe, but I am glad to hear she seems happy and healthy otherwise, and still enjoys playtime. Thanks for the info.
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Our kitten does that too. She plays for a couple minutes then pants, then plays some more! She is healthy, we have had her checked. When she starts to pant a lot we just stop her, bring her to her water, then as soon as she is done drinking we play some more. Make sure you don't play more that about 15 minutes at a time, with a long brake afterwords on really hot days. Hope this helps!

PS I would also LOVE to see pictures if you get a lion cut!


Also our kitten is about 5 months, so about the same age as your kitty.
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Thanks, everyone... I called my vet yesterday and asked sme questions, and they strongly urged me NOT to shave him, because the fur helps to control his body temperature, which means keeping him warm when it is cold AND cooling him off when he is too hot.

(Even though I mentioned he is indoors-only, she kept going on about how he could get sunburned. I repeated that he is an indoors-only cat, all my cats are strictly indoors only, and she STILL lectured about the sunburn factor, I started getting annoyed... but that's neither here nor there, just irritating - woman, please HEAR ME, how many times can I say this? Ahhh!)

Anyways, I will regulate his play time and watch he doesn't get too stressed, offer lots of water if I see him panting, and keep freezing towels for him to lay on in the hottest weather. Does anyone else do this for their cats? Soak a dish towel and lay it out in your freezer, once it has frozen solid, you can bend it to make a tunnel (Cage climbs under the tunnel and crouches there like a little King, Cash prefers them laid out flat so he can stretch out on top and snooze, he always ends up being very damp, Cruz won't touch them). It's easy and free and really cute to see.
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