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I need an opinion on this

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I posted on Craigslist looking for a couch, this lady responded and said I could have her couch and loveseat for $150 (I think she said they were lazyboy). I wrote back and said that something came up (dental for Ruby, more expensive than I expected!) and she said if I picked them up I could have them for free. I'm not sure, what do you guys think? They look a bit like they might have a dip and it's a bit over an hour to go get them. The couch I have now needs to be tossed but I dont want to end up with something else that's junk. She did say the springs are fine. Although I do have, seven cats and dogs that sleep on the couch so it doesnt have to be perfect. Argh, I just don't know what to do! I'd have to ask my neighbor to go with me which would be weird but I'm not going to some strangers house alone.

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They look fine to me. My inlaws have a similar sofa that's a La-Z-Boy.
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The one side of the love seat looks a little funny but it could just be the light. The couch looks fine. I'd go for it... can't beat the price.
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Lazy Boy is quality stuff so even if it's old it should be good. We have 2 lazy boy chairs that are 22 years old. We just had them re-upholstered and it was still less than what it would cost for brand new ones. I'd go for it myself even if you have to cover them.
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Hubby had a set just like this when I met him! Very durable with 4 gross 20 something boys jumping, drinking, spilling, etc. all over them . Oh that brings me back...

If you're worried about stains or anything (although these look VERY clean) pre-made slip covers are pretty cheap when you get them on sale.
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I like em to tell you the truth

Sounds like the woman really wants to get rid of them, maybe she's getting new stuff or moving or something like that.
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They look ok to me too. And you can't beat the price!
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My brother has the exact same set. His are very comfortable. They clean up nice with a steam cleaner too. You can't beat the price. I would get them
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No harm in looking at them. I'm sure there's some wear and tear, but even for $150...or free in this case, you have to expect some.
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Also, they make those inserts for couches if they have dips and stuff. Check one of those Lillian Moore? catalogs...

I can't she wants to get rid of those! I'd be all over them!
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Thanks guys! I e-mailed her back and said I'd like to pick them up Saturday, hopefully that will work for her since it's my only day off. Thanks for the opinions!!
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