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Tippy made me sniffle tonight

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Tippy is my black barn cat - good sized neutered tom, very shy, not at all cuddly and likes cat petting time on his own terms. Tonight, as I shut off the tractor, and made to get out, he jumps in the open window. I spoke to him and he comes creeping around, steps on the armrest, and body slams me. He wanted petted, and he is purring up a storm. He ALMOST ventured to my lap but was horrified of the steering wheel. This is as close as he came to lap sitting in his 5 years

Two pics of him - not great because he HATES the camera:

Do wish I had one that shows his curled tail though.......
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Awww.... that's too cute!!! I love his tail!!
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awwwww....he knows you love him,,,his white tail blaze makes him looks like he's got a light on the end of his tail.
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Aw, that is so sweet. Tippy is so handsome, too. I love the big, black cats.
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Way to go, Tippy!! You just might win him over yet! I have a kitty who took 10 years to feel comfy enough to crawl up in my lap and snuggle. I treasure each and every time she comes to love on me. Normally, I get a good body slam on the legs for lovin'.
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