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Picture of Suma's Litter

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They are adorable!!!!
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So precious !!
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Cute babies - a what a mix of mackerel and classic tabbies too!
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Awwwwwwwwwe look at all those little sweeties
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So cute!!! New kittens are just the sweetest things ever.
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Thanks all.. I feel like the proud mom! She is such a good mom too. She now keeps them in the box and warm. They all look very healthy too. I have always had kittens but they were like 8 weeks on. So this is a new experience for me, seeing birth, and they have umbilical cords - never knew that!

This is just a super cool experience! Thanks to all of you for help with questions and the responses. This is such a great forum!

Do you notice the tabby always has his arm around a buddy!
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Oh your right! He has his little arm around the cute is that! Keep the pics coming!
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Oooooo I just want to go down the line and goose each one of those kitten butts!!!
SO adorable, and what a good mommy!
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Oh my gosh they are amazing! And Suma is absolutely beautiful!
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mama and babies all look remarkably healthy i can practically feel the health vibe through my screen! beautiful, beautiful
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Absolutely adorable group of babies there.

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Thanks everyone... all is going very well so far. They are now opening eyes and moving around a little better. She is very a good mom. She will let them feed and then takes a break outside the box, eats and drinks and heads back into the box! They all look like they are gaining weight. I just want to keep them all but I know I will find them good homes. I already have around 3 to 4 possibly adopted out. Momma is going to a good home and getting spayed! Plus I can go see her anytime. I will post more pictures a little later.
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They are adorable, congratulations!
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