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Are there any spare vibes available for my Cassidy?

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It's nothing major, really, but Cassie could use some vibes . And, maybe me too.

I'm feeling really guilty. My boyfriend (well, he is, but isn't ) was sick this weekend and I spent the weekend with him. Suffice it to say it was a crazy weekend and it might make its way into its own post tonight or tomorrow, but that's really neither here nor there. But, anyway, back to the point. Since my boyfriend was ill and required two ER visit (he'll be okay, thank God!), I left the care of my cats to my roommate since coming home in between was near impossible. Well, I could kick myself for doing that now because this afternoon, after I returned home from the second ER visit with my boyfriend, my roommate told me that one of my cats was sneezing, there was diarrhea in the litter box, and that Cassidy's eye was swollen, wet, and very pink. Needless to say, I ran upstairs and was freaked out, at the very least, to see that Cassidy was in the throes of a full-blown upper respiratory infection.

The fact that Cass has a URI isn't that huge of a deal in and of itself, but I am infuriated that my roommate didn't contact me to let me know that my kitty was feeling unwell. Had she, I would've ensured that she was seen by the vet this weekend or, at the very least, that I contacted her vet. But, no, my roommate decided against contacting me (I was always reachable by my cell!) and, instead, Cassidy suffered . The whole thing is inexcusable and I'm furious .

And, so, I immediately contacted the vet and Cass has an appointment tomorrow morning at 10:45am. She is feverish and her eye looks nasty, but I've already given her two doses of Dexaspor for her eye and it seems to be helping. There has not been anymore diarrhea that I've seen, but her stools are looser than normal -- just not quite what I'd call diarrhea. She's sneezing frequently and in fits, but there's no discharge that I can see. And she is eating some. She's the piglet of my bunch and she's not eating as much as she normally does, but she is getting some nutrition and fluids in. I give all my kitties L-Lysine and I know that that helps boost their immune systems, but since they're all suspected carriers of the herpes virus as well as chronic URI's things like this are bound to happen. I know she'll be okay, but I'm just not happy that my poor baby wasn't given the care this weekend that she truly needed and deserved.

My Cassie is hanging in (and so is my boyfriend), but I'm frazzled and feeling like this is all my fault. And, really, I'm just so darn exhausted that I can't think straight. So, please, any vibes for any of us would be appreciated...majorly.

Oh dear, I hope this made sense...
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I really hope your boyfriend AND your kitty are both feeling better now?
Please update...
*sends good vibes*
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awww, poor baby. Mega that she gets over the URI quickly.

It's not your fault You are right, your roommate should have called you. But you've done what you can, and hopefully the vet appt today goes well and she gets something for her eye

Healing for Cassidy
and emotional for you.
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For you and Cass .
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that she's better soon!
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that everything and everyone gets better! Hugs to Cassidy.
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Hugs to both of you. I'm sure Cassidy will be fine now that her meowmy is taking care of her.

Hope your BF is also OK - now you need to get some R&R.
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When it rains it pours, doesn't it? Try to get some rest yourself, stress is rough on human immune systems too. for all three of yall.
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