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High Blood Pressure?

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My future Mother In Law just called and was telling us that she took her cat Auburn to the vet today and was informed that she has High Blood Pressure.

Me being the family cat lady I thought I would try to find out more information. I did a quick TCS search and didn't find anything about this. Does anyone else have a cat with high blood pressure?

I also told her that if the kitty needs treatment and she doesn't want to give it, I will take Auburn to live with us and get her taken care of! I will try to get more information about it to post, I just wanted to know if anybody had any experience with this?
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My Coco has high bp.
We found out last Sept.
Coco gets Amlodipine once a day for the high bp.
I have her pills compounded into a liquid.
How high is the bp in the cat.
Does the cat have any other problems besides high bp?
It needs to be taken care of fast because she can have a stroke.
I lost Stripe that way.
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My Chynna is 17 and has high blood pressure. She was diagnosed with it in February 2008. I had taken her in because she was throwing up a lot.

I give her 1.25 mg of Amlodipine every morning. I dissolve it with a bit of water and mix in about 1 slightly rounded teaspoon of wet food. Once she's licked that off the plate, then I give her her regular serving of wet food.

Once she started on Amlodipine she stopped throwing up.

Also, the vet explained that without treatment she could have a heart attack, stroke and even go blind.

I get the pills filled at my regular pharmacy, and a 3 month supply works out to about $20.00.
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Thanks for your replies. I suspect Auburn may have CRF because MIL mentioned her having "bad kidneys". I will need to get my SO to get more information as his mother and I do not get along...

I will mention the amlodipine and have her ask the vet if that is an option. Auburn already eats wet food like a pig! I will keep y'all posted when I learn more.
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My Coco has CRF.
I would have the cat tested for it.
Get a Kidney Panel.
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Tre has high blood pressure and he had nearly gone blind by the time we discovered it. He's on amlodopine as well, but I have it compounded into a cream that can be rubbed inside of his ear. It's a bit pricey, but I find that to be much easier than having to pill him or mix something into his food.
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