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Got a new addition

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I just have to share the story. Last week I went to a party at the local park. There were these kids standing on their bikes going after something in a tree. There were 3 little babies just chilling out in the tree. I immediately grabbed one and she just curled up and started purring. I couldn't just leaver her there so I brought her home. She is mostly black with these tortise shell markings. Her back left leg is completely tortise shell. Very unusual. I'll have to get pictures up of her soon hopefully. I decided to name her Dahlia. Skye seems to be taking the transition to having a little one around pretty well tho she does bully a little bit. I'm hoping it will go away in time.
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What happened to the other two?
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Congratulations on your new addition!! Bless you for saving her, too. I hope you are rewarded with many years of happiness and kitty antics from her. I'll look forward to seeing pics of her!
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Congrats on the addition...But Im curious also what happened to the other two babies?
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post pictures


what happened
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Well done you !!!

What happened to the other two?

She sounds beautiful and I am sure Skye is just laying down the law!
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The other two got taken by other people. They are in a comfy new home as well.
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