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Sometimes it's an invitation, but sometimes it's just a TRAP

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With the older three cats, the tummy question is very much settled. You will lose a finger if not a hand if you try to pet Ophelia's tummy. Trent LOVES having his fluffy tummy rubbed, almost any time and almost any place. If it's showing, it's an invitation. Ginger Cookie is pretty private about her tummy and generally prefers it not to be touched, but if she's in a certain mood or very relaxed and she actually shows the tummy, it is an invitation. It doesn't happen often, but sometimes she does enjoy a little tummy rub which makes Meowmy oh so very happy.

But the two just depends on their mood, which way the sun or moon is shining through the window, the position of the stars, or some other kitty rationale that I sure can't figure out!

Mojo is our Puppy Cat anyway and she loves laying on her back and baring it all for the world. Most of the time it's a trap, and her body acts like a Venus Fly Trap that closes on its prey when touched. She doesn't know anything about "gentle" so it's a full on attack when she grabs the hand that touches her tummy. Sometimes, through, she does like getting a tummy rub if she's relaxed and happy. Most of the time, Meowmy and Daddy are just gluttons for punishment and can't resist the tummy.

Annie is a real enigma. When she first came home, for at least the first 6 months, going near the tummy was the equivalent of fightin' words. But as she settled in and trusted us more, and Meowmy kept pushing the subject because I could not resist that little white tummy, she started to actually like tummy rubs. But sometimes she still plays Venus Fly Trap. Sometimes she just gets tired of it. At least with Annie, she's very gentle with her claws and bites (basically just puts her mouth/teeth on our hands, she doesn't bite down), so even when she lures us in with a tummy trap it's not bad for us.
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What an adorably funny thread! I voted it's an invitation...for my current kitty, anyway! I've had a little of everything in my past cats. I've had some that it was definitely a trap or you drew back nubs With Gi, definitely loves it
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Tex spent some years as a tough old street fighter, and tends to go into full attack mode whenever he's petted anywhere. He loves all rubbing, his tummy too, but after a few seconds he grabs my wrist with all four paws and sinks his teeth in deep.

Hunter likes to tease with his tummy. It's soft brown with spots, absolutely irresistable. It's like he's saying "C'mon Mom. this time I promise I won't do it" And just like Charlie Brown when Lucy holds the football I fall for it every time. At least he doesn't draw blood.

Ghost loves her tummy rubs, she'll fall asleep if I don't get tired of it first.

I wouldn't dare touch Mitty's tummy, nor Calamity's or Spitfire's, and Witch still doesn't let me get close to hers.

With the rest it's just a matter of their mood at the moment, which makes it an exciting venture every time.
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Cute thread. Max could go either way. Sometimes when I rub his tummy he stretches out more and just loves it...other times he will attack my hand lol. When I see his little tummy exposed though...I just have to try...those times that he enjoys it and wants more makes it worth the occasional attack hehe
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I have some that beg tummy rubs, some that shred hands when tummies are rubbed and some that go either way, depending on moon phase, the rising if Mars, Saturn and the placement of Orion
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We had an older cat named Benson who adopted my parents many years ago now, but he was a great cat . Benson used to stroll to the end of our driveway and find an unsuspecting victim walking down the street. Once they got close enough he'd roll over and put on his nicest cute face. If they bent down to pet his belly, he'd latch on and rip their hands to shreds before taking off back to the house...

We all knew better then to play into his paws so he had to go find other people! Then again Benson also ate corn & cheerios and caught socks instead of mice (in his later years).

Miss Kitty also lays the tummy-trap, but she actually does it to be cute and get real pets; and she doesn't mind a light tummy rub. In fact she's the only cat I've ever met that will actually allow you to rub her tummy, and even seems to enjoy it! Lots of people coming to the house and witnessing Miss Kitty lolling all over the driveway have asked "What is wrong with that cat??".

I like to think she has her own little song going in her head as she rolls everywhere "pet me, pet me, pet me, pet me, I'm so cute, won't you pet me now?"
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Kizzy begs for rubs to the point that he will talk to you if you don't oblige him.

The kittens however are a different story.... they don't offer up the tummy...but when I'm giving scritches, I make sure I pet the belly too and they don't seem to mind it.

I hope the kittens come to the point where they will offer the belly
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Xander doesn't mind a belly rub but he gets too excited and starts rolling around all over so you can't really pet it much.

Touch Riley's and you lose a finger Of course he has to lay around showing it off all the time and sometimes you just can't help but sink your fingers into all that fluff. It only takes a second though before he draws blood!
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Shareena likes tummy rubs, but after a few seconds she'll grab my hand with her paws, no claws, and pull it toward her chin. Chin scritches are just so much better than belly rubs.

With the others, if the belly is showing it's not just an invitation, it's a demand. Get over here and rub my tummy now, or else!
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I answered it depends because that is true for 3 of my cats. With Levi it's an invitation to scratch his chest. When I do that he wriggles around on his back, in absolute heaven.
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Its a TRAP DONT DO IT RUN RUN RUN!!!! All three of my babies go after me four paws teeth grumbles and everything LOL!!! I just cant resist and poor Fatman he should know better than to sleep spread eagle in front of me because I cant resist his manly sexy fatsack!!! I just have to give it a jiggle and rubadubdub HE HATES IT! :o) Hercules isnt too bad he will let me get one rub in till the back feet start going psycho! GiGi however cute and adorable she is that girl is the devil kitty you even just try and give her head some scritchies shes freaking out wanting to go psycho on you and play play play..Ive actually had her attached to my arm while walking around the house and she just went to town nipping nibbling and biting me...Thank heavens no scars though!! :o) What boggles my mind is that BF isnt a cat person could live with or without them doesnt care! But NONE of the cats go crazy on him when he gives belly rubs they all just lay there and take it!! Im being betrayed by my own babies!!!
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Both of mine LOVE tummy rubs. Cotton will actually hold your hand if you try to take it away and he doesn't think you should be done yet. Suprisingly, Freya likes having her tummy rubbed too...we've discovered that you have to tell her "Speckly Belly" when you do it, though, or she'll bat your hand away, mew and flop over again until you do it 'right.'
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Actually, I rub those tummies whether it's an invitation or not. I don't mind ending up with a bloody hand.
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I had to vote for the first three. Muddy always lays a trap for me. Scarlett will fling her legs wide and beg for tummy rubs. Then the rest are all about the position of the sun or moon or the direction of the wind.
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It's an invitation from my 5, they all love a good tummy rub.
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OMG, I've no dare...absolutely not.
She'll bite me if I place my hand or even finger near it...stay clear away~~~
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