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Taste of the Wild

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Has anyone tried this food?


We have a great natural pet-food store in our town (really surprising for such a small place!) and I was completely overwhelmed when I went in there to get kitten food for Peaches. So in pretty much a whim, I picked up this one. Well I haven't had the problems I assumed I would keeping the other cats out of Peaches' kitten food... I can't keep her out of theirs!!

The cats are absolutely gaga for the taste of the wild, Miss Kitty even took a few hot days off shrew hunting to just eat cat food (she catches her own breakfast, lunch & dinner ).

What do our nutritionists think? (I'm really better with dog food) No wheat!
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I've been using it for 8mos, and love it. The cats do well on it (except one who needs some grain in order for his poos to be solid) and it is priced well IMO.

There's lots of threads here on it, just search TOTW or Taste of the Wild.

One poster is thinking they may have problems with it: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=202609

Personally: I'm sticking with it because I haven't seen any issues with it.
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Thanks SL I should have assumed I wasn't the first person to hear about it & try a search .
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I like it and have used it ..Right now it is not the right food for my "kids"
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