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Co-Workers! Love em or Hate em?!

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Ok so this weekend has been literally hell in a handbasket for me! I worked till close (230 AM) Friday night went in for 9AM Saturday and stayed till 8PM to cover someone elses butt! This freakin loser I work with is someone I went to high school with and have known for over ten years! He was a lying piece of malarkey then and still is! A girl and manager we work with were both getting married on Sat hurray for them...Wellllll Joe (lying P.O.S) had said he was in Ambers (co workers) wedding..Lie number one! So he was scheduled to work Sat and couldnt couldnt couldnt work! Fine the managers got his shift covered so we thought! Till we start getting ready for dinner shift, Im running on fumes at this point and my tables at starting to comment on how tired and exhausted I look...NOT GOOD!!!!! Our GM looks over our roster for servers and is wondering where Joe is noone told her he wasnt coming to work! So then she pulls that sugary sweet act on me and goes "Tylllleerrrr can you do me a HUGE favor and stay thru the dinner rush I really need you here tonight!!!" And of course me who cant say no because Im dying for her recommendation to move up to management stays!!! Thru crazy people and exhaustion!! Onward to Sunday morning!! I didnt mind staying for Joe until I walked into work with my extra large turbo coffee and was jumped on by like 5 people telling me how Joe NEVER went to Ambers wedding and nor was he even invited to be in the wedding party like he said he was....I WAS FREAKING LIVID LIVID LIVID!!!! So I told my GM about what happened which made her mad! So by the time Joe comes into work Im working on turning into the excorcist spinning head and all!! I didnt even talk to him I was that mad!! While I was at the soda station filling my tables drinks and stuff Joe comes over to me REEKING of ALCOHOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHH and tells me that he had so much fun at the wedding! At that point I just turned and freaked out! I was mad this isnt the first time Ive had to cover for him and him lying about it! I told him its a bunch of crap that he is coming to work with dirty uniform!! and reeking of booze and he was all like ohh well I wasnt drinking I bartended last night! Which is B.S. because he got fired two yrs ago from his bartending job and there were three girls at the bar Sat night who saw him there drinking! AND to top it off he lied to our GM when she approached him about smelling like booze. This is the second time he has done something like this at work and if he was only bartending then when (IF) he took a shower that morning he wouldnt have still smelled like booze!! HELLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOO Ive been in alcohol rehab I know and have been there before trying to cover my butt at work after a night of boozing on the town!! This isnt my first rodeo!! In all seriousness though this whole situation has really got me upset Im sick and tired of being depended on to cover everyone elses butts at work! I love my job I love being a waitress and not to toot my own horn but Im REALLY REALLY good at it! I just cant stand people who lie and cheat their way through a job! Joe has made a lot of enemies at work and if I was the GM I would have fired him after the first time he came into work smelling of booze!

Im still so mad about this whole thing and Ive got to work tonight! WITH JOE! Thank heavens Im the closer so Im basically the boss of all servers tonight and the manager on shift tonight is on my side about everything! I just want to know does anyone else have a co-worker they seriously wouldnt mind dropping off the face of the planet or even a co-worker who is heaven on earth!! (I do have one of those!! My Deanna is my heaven!! ) Because I hope Im not the only one with crazy work drama going on!!!

Thanks for listening my sanity TCS chatters!!

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The problem there is the General Manager!

Joe obviously is an alcoholic and his drinking is affecting his ability to work. Joe is not doing his job, and the General Manager is allowing it to continue and placing the burden of his no shows and slacking, on you and the rest of the staff.

The General Manager needs to grow "some" and fire Joe. Simple as that! With the economy the way it is, there are dozens of good, hard working people willing to do the job that Joe does. Your GM needs to hire one of them.
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