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Flying kitties

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I came across an amazing cat toy a few months ago. It's probably old hat, but at least to me it was new - called Da Bird. I couldn't belieive how crazy our cats went for it! Anyone else got any funky shots of their kitties with this toy?

Eshu has almost got it:

A focussed Loki:

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great shots! Da Bird is a very popular toy with most cats. Mine go nuts for it, although I don't have any good shots of them.
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Excellent pictures!

We just bought 2 Da Bird toys yesterday for our kitties. They had a blast with them when we opened them up.
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Those are brilliant! My three love theirs as well
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Great action shots of your stunning cats!
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Wow those are amazing pics!! Great little hunters you have there!
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Great pics

Yup, DaBird is a very very popular toy.... It makes my ragdoll Kizzy, ragdolls are supposed to be not very athletic, leap 3-4ft in the air and do summersaults
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