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Tail vs Window

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I closed Nermals tail in the window It slipped when I was putting it down. He started screaming and then my dog started to attack him because when any of the cats growl or hiss or anything my dog things they're attacking me and he needs to protect me. So I had to rush my dog out of the room while poor Nermal was still screaming (the window was stuck down) and by the time I got back to him he'd gotten out by himself, leaving a huge hunk of hair but no skin. It doesnt feel broken so maybe I did just catch some hair in the window but oh my gosh, I feel SO bad.
The rest of the boys and poor Ruby in the other room were all freaked out from the noise so I gave everybody some canned food to sooth them.
Has anyone else done anything awful to their pets on accident?
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Aww! Poor Nermal. These things do happen. I'm just glad Nermal sounds alright and hope everyone has calmed down now.
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Poor Nermal. I accidentally closed the refrigerator door on Logan's paw, I had it open and he was looking through the corner where the door meets the hinge. i did not know he was there, closed the door and heard a little scream. I felt bad for doing that and also made sure he wasn't limping after that.
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I'm actually surprised my cats have survived with me this long with no serious injuries! When Harley was a kitten, I accidently closed the refridgerator door after he crawled on the bottom shelf. We kept hearing these pathetic little cries and tore the cabinets apart (he was great for getting in them) and didn't realize he was in the fridge for about 1/2 hr. Once when he was bigger I sucked up his tail in the vaccuum cleaner. That scared him more than anything because it came right back out once I turned it off and no harm done physically (that WAS funny though!!) Then, when Gizmo was about 4 months old he jumped on the open oven door while I was getting a pizza out (so it was VERY hot!) Never saw a cat get off something so fast in my life. That one did require vet care but after a few days with ointment on his poor paws he was fine.

And, of course, there's always the occassion accidental kick when one gets under my feet. That's their own fault though...they should know by now I'm not all that co-ordinated!
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I flambe'd Aya on the gas stove once.

She just had to see what the click and swish noise was one time when she was a kitten and hoped up on the stove. Duh, it was me turning on the gas! She jumped off pretty quick.

Luckily, it was just a fur singe down one side. And I think she learned her lesson. She hasn't jumped on the stove while its on since. Off, now that's another matter...

Cat hair in my curry!
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I smashed Cocos tail in teh door last Jan and she screamed so loud.
It was bruied and had a lump but is ok now.
I think everyone does something like that.
I hope your cat feels better.
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A very long time ago (when I was about 15/16) I accidentally slammed a door shut on a 2-4 month old kitten. When I went to go up the steps into the house, the kittens weren't around, but that darn little kitten just came out of nowhere and apparently tried to zoom into the house. After the door shut on him he started flopping around on the floor like a fish out of water. My mother and I started freaking out and had no idea what to do. After a few minutes he finally settled down. She didn't want to take him to the vet to make sure he was ok because it cost money. I guess he must've been alright though, I really don't know because he disappeared a few months later. I'm now more careful when I shut doors.

I've also stepped on some of the cats when I roam around the house in the dark. They usually just hiss and run away from me. It seems like by now they would've learned where not to sleep when it gets dark. I really wish they would learn not to sleep on the steps. I can't tell you how many times I've nearly fallen down the stairs at night because of them.
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I didn't do this, but my mom. My mom was cooking something or other on the stove and accidentally dropped a pan with hot grease in it, right as my 4 or 5 month old kitten was walking through the kitchen. He screamed so loud and shot like a rocket into my bedroom, I had no idea what happened to set him off until my mom told me a few minutes later. He had a few small (like pencil-eraser sized) splotchy areas on him that got burned and blistered, he saw the vet and she just said he was fine. The weird thing about this whole thing was he had really wirey and unpleasant fur before this--after that accident, his fur turned out sleek and shiny...
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