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In Need of Hope and Warm Wishes and More

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Not me personally, but perhaps some board magic would be good.

For those of you who pray, meditate, etc. please keep one of my co-workers in your thoughts. He's been missing since Tuesday and no one has a clue what happened to him. He had his truck repossessed so him driving away is a little hard to accomplish, and numerous messages have been left unanswered. A missing persons report has been filed. Needless to say many people are worried sick.
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Hoping for some news and favorable news at that, Xastion.
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How scary! Definitely sending positive vibes your way.
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I hope they find him safe and sound!
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your friend is in my thoughts and prayers
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That is scary

*sending good vibes your way*
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Yikes! Positive Vibes going your way! I hope you find your co-worker! Let us know!
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Please keep us posted!
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Good thoughts and wishes going his way. I hope he's okay and nothing has happened.
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Has anyone been inside his home to see if he is there and somehow incapacitated?

I hope he is found safe and sound soon.
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Oh no... How scary...

Positive thoughts and prayers for the safe return of your co-worker.

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Keeping him in my thoughts.
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Oh no - hope he just needed to get away to get this head together!! Prayer going out to him and his loved ones who must be sick with worry!
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. . .how worrisome this must be. . sending good thoughts
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Thanks all. Your words mean bundles.

No word yet. They have left dozens of messages of both his home phone and his cell phone. They've been by his house, but I don't think anyone has been inside his house. The only family he has in the area is his daughter, but I believe if she knew something about his whereabouts they would have told us. His closest friends have been hunting high and low for him.

I am hoping you're right Helen, that he just needed to get away to clear his head about something...though at this point in time it doesn't look good. I go into work tomorrow, and I hope that I hear some good news before taking my vacation to graduate.
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Oh dear, my thoughts and prayers are with your friend, his friends, his family, and you. I do hope that this is somehow able to form a happy ending.
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