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Vet trip results

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Well Levi, Isaac & Maggie had thier annual exams on Saturday. I was not supprised to find out that all three need dentals, but that Isaac is the worst. I am trying to figure out if I watn to do them one at a time or do Isaac & Levi together. The financial advantage is that it should then be over $300 and that would allow me to charge it to Care Credit, and have a year to pay it off intrest free. The Vet said just to watch the brown spot in Isaacs eye, but that if it starts to change or grow something will need to be done with it. (the vet I saw is not one of my favorites, but I wanted to get them in on Saturday) Then I mentioned Maggie having brown discharge in her ears & said I was worried it was an ear infection. He said they didn't look bad but ran a test anyway & sure enough she has a bactirial infection in both ears. So now I have the joy of doing drops on her. In addition I was told she should not put on any more weight she is 10.6# she was around 9# last year. Levi, well other than the fact that he could use a dental in the near future he is healthy as a horse; however, he does need to go on a diet. He was 14.1#. I believe he should be in the 10 - 12 range. I think the main thing I'm going to have to do is not let him eat everyone elses left overs! Jordan well he's been so often over the last couple of years he didn't need to go.
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Sounds like over all pretty good results!
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Glad everyone is in basic good health. Its good to know that the ear infection was caught early. Good luck with the drops! I hope she is laid back enough to handle it gracefully.

He didn't have any words of what the brown spot COULD be huh? Thats too bad. I guess just keep an eye out and when you can see your regular vet ask again.
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