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I don't really like beer...but if it was the only option I'd go with a Corona..
Sweet Water is another great beer it's an Atlanta company. But I like Corona better because the taste is sweeter..
I used to work at a bar so I've tasted all the beers on the menu and still don't like most of them...Lagers are too bitter for me which is what most beer drinkers prefer..
I guess another choice I'd go with would be Abita purple haze.
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Originally Posted by AddieBee View Post
Not a big drinker of beer. But with all the microbreweries these days - you can get some that are worth partaking.

I am fond of a tall, cold Bell's Oberon summer wheat beer with a slice of orange in it. Great with grilled foods!

Newcastle Brown on tap in particular is very, very drinkable.

My boyfriend likes the darker stuff. He's hooked on porters. He is really really fond of Founder's Breakfast (Oatmeal) Stout which is more porter in body and flavor than a stout. It will knock you right on your fanny! (Founders is in Grand Rapids, Mich, while Bell's is in Kalamazoo.)
Oooh I am a Bell's fan, Two Hearted IPA is excellent... got an Expedition Stout in the fridge that should probably be drunk soon... And a friend of mine in PA sent me some Breakfast Stout last week! I love that stuff!! Hey, we should do some beer trades!!

Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
Because I'm allergic to the hops that they use in U.S. brewed beers, I don't drink beer that often. But I am married to a beer fanatic and I recognize a true fan of beer the second "Belgium" is stated. The Belgium monks brew some of the best beer in the world. DH jokes that if all you had to do in life is chant and brew beer, that you will perfect both of them.

DH has brewed his own beer and IMO, some of it is darn tasty. We have a kegerator in the house and I am pushing him into brewing his own keg beer rather than buying the local micro-brewery brand, which is good, but not the same.

On a hot day, I'll drink the occasional Red Stripe - brewed in Jamaica. I also like the Belgium lambics.
Oh I am so sorry you're allergic to hops. I'm a hop fiend! Although they're real hard to find, you should try a gruit ale if you ever come across one, no hops in that style, just all kinds of other spices and herbs. Cool that your DH is a homebrewer, I've helped out a few times with homebrewer friends and thought it's just too much work and too messy, I prefer just to drink it.

As for Belgium and beer... yeah. Even better in Belgium though, it really makes it when you can go to the source.
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...Ok, ok,....

without pic´s you don´t convinced to me to change my GALLO!... the pics should be originals, I mean you drinking a delicious beer!.......

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