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My first job was McDonald's I worked there for 3 years!
Me too! 2 years for me
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My first job was babysitting two little girls, ages 5 and 8 when I was 13. The first night they taught me to play poker, and by the time their parents came home I owed the little demons my entire pay! No, I have not played poker again in the last 40 years.

Next I sold carnations on a street corner for a company called The Flower People. Started on weekends when I was 15, and it was such a party and I made so much money that I quit school. I guess I thought it would be 1973 forever.
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I got my first job at 14 working as a receptionist at my church 3 evenings after school and Saturday afternoon. It was ideal...I just answered the phone, either transferred calls to the priests or took messages, answered the door and had time to do my homework in between. They also had a TV and supplies drinks in a little fridge. It was only $2.00/hr under the table but that's a fortune to a 14 year old (or, at least to me!). I worked there all through high school.

The summer between Junior and Senior year I got a job as a shampoo girl at a hair salon as well.

My first "real" (w-2 job) was working in the admissions office of my college doing data entry and mailing. It was considered part of the financial aid package offered, but not enough people applied so they opened up any jobs available to anyone that wanted them, so I didn't have a limit I could make. Over Christmas break, I was there from 8:00-5:00 mon thru fri and made GREAT money. I quit middle of the next semester though because it was too much with my school work (I'm really NOT a morning person!). Then I got a job at Pizza Hut as a night time waitress where I REALLY learned what it's like to work for a living.
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I've always been doing the same thing... I'm a classical musician. So, my first work, when I was 15, was for the Salvation Army; they recruited brass ensembles to play next to their collection buckets during the Christmas season. They always liked to find high-school kids that could play well, because at their pay rates (minimum wage) it's hard to find good musicians.

Later on, still in high school, I kept getting hired to play with the band/orchestra at the state university next door.

I've only had one non-music job; worked in the back office of a local non-profit theater organization for two months. But it doesn't really count... they hired me to futz around in the office and do odd jobs, but it turned into me doing IT stuff and resurrecting old computers. They didn't have much for me to do sometimes, so I'd always bring my horn with me and practice in this small theater that they were using for storage... usually got in at least a full hour of practice during my 4-5 hour work day.
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Babysitting was my first unofficial job. Then I got a job as a maid when I was in high school. Someday, I will work at Subway. Maybe after my book is published....
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My first job was as a hotel maid. I took CNA (nurse assistant) training very shortly after I started that job! I then worked as a nurse assistant for two summers during undergrad.
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I had the weirdest job in the world. I sold cartons of eggs door to door when I was about 8. Dad worked in a grocery store and brought home cases of eggs and empty cartons and sent me out in the neighborhood to earn my keep. So while normal kids had their "paper routes", I had my "egg route". And ironically, I'm allergic to eggs.

By 10 I was babysitting, at 12 sewing clothes for my sisters (paid me $5 per outfit), and at 15 got my first job in a bakery. By 18 I got my first salary job in IT. I've been working too long......
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