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More Singapore Cat Culling Stupidity

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It's official, the cat culling program is completely hypocritical and doing more harm than good.

I live in Singapore, and just a few minutes ago, an aquaintance of mine got in touch with me to inform me that since the feral cats that are supposed to be source of all the trouble (ie, carrying the SARS virus, even though it's proven that they don't) are so difficult to catch--because they're feral, duh...--the animal officials out on the field, who need to meet their quotas, have now resorted to finding domestic cats, removing their collars, and killing them instead.

This aquaintance of mine just lost her cat that way today. When she called the town council of her district to give them hell, the woman angrily answered, "Do you think I like doing this?!? I love cats too, this is beyond my control!" And hung up on her.

So for those of you who were wondering if Singapore really is the control freak nation that you've heard about where chewing gum isn't allowed, and artists need government approval before working on their projects, there's your answer.

It's worse.

It appears now that the only safe cat in Singapore is a strictly indoors house cat. A collar is now merely an indicator to the animal control officers that this will be an easier catch, and not a pet that means a lot to someone.

They fill the quota faster.
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...I can't believe they would do that...I mean, these are people's pets. I really really hope that soon the government there realizes the foolishness of their ways and sees that cats are not carriers of SARS.
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Why don't you get in touch with PETA and see if there is anything they can do?
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When people are frightened they stop thinking and only react! That is so sad for a country know for it's self control and intelegence. It is sad that such innocence is made to suffer. I will pray for the people in this country.
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Oh my- I am speechless. If you can in anyway get some proof or documentation you can pursue this through the Animal Rights Legal League forum. Let me find my link

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Is there a local RSPCA branch, or animal rights group that you can contact? What about local vets saying something?
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I read that something similar is happening in Beijing, i.e. that no cats or dogs are allowed outdoors, and that any animals "caught" outside (even with their owners) are being put down. Talk about overreacting. I don't think I'd like to live in Singapore - too many rules and regulations.
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I live in Malaysia, next door to singapore....
& it's SO TYPICAL!! it's just such a typical attitude towards animals... i don't think it has so much to do with singapore being a very controlled country at all. It's just a symptom of a very typically asian attitude towards animals.

Dogs get shot if they don't have a collar in KL!!
Crows get shot and left to die on the street....
& there's nothing you can do about it because...
an animals life is worth nothing here...to some people.

On the other hand:
I think what the Singapore government is doing may be one way (though definetly not the best way) of making owners more responsible for their cats. I mean, singapore is a small place with not a lot of space for a cat to roam around in... Eventually a roaming cat will get to a main road and then splat goes the cat. So, I suppose it will force people to keep their cats indoors. Which is not... in the long run, if you consider the thousands of cats who will be born on the street, and most probably die there... such a bad thing.

I do however think that the removal of collars from pets is going Too Far though.

As for animal rights groups.... If they aren't already doing something i doubt they will start now... I mean it's not like this was ever a big secret operation. What i mean is, the singapore government has been quite public about this whole issue, i'm surprised they haven't already done something about it.
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