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Washer going walkabout

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Do any of you know anything about washing machines?

My Frigidaire washer - which is a toploading model that I have had for almost 10 years has suddenly started going walkabout. I don't load it differently than I ever have. I re-leveled the washer to see if it would help but it hasn't. The loads seem like they are evenly distributed, but it still insists on touring the laundry room during the spin cycle. Help????
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Ours did the same thing. It was quite funny watching the cats all arch their backs and puff out their tails because the "evil machine" was going to attack them! It turns out it was broken belts that normally hold the drum(the place where the clothes actually go in to). If it's only one, it shouldn't be a huge bill, but if it's more than 1 (I think our's had 4 and 3 were broken) it's probably cheaper to get a new one unless you know someone who knows how to replace them. We just got a new one...but it was VERY interesting!
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I had one do that, too. With mine, it was one of three broken springs' on the bottom of the basket. Just grab a straight screwdriver and pop the front panel off and you can see if it's a spriing or a belt. You may not have one broken, but it could be getting weak.
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