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Suma's Litter

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Well.. it happened today. The stray I took in that I thought would only have a few kittens had 6 today and had them in the garage and all look healthy for now. I did want to ask.. she had 4 like in an hour and half's time. Then a hour and half later she had the last two one right after the other and both are completely black. Since they were like that, do you think they were twins??? If so, it would be very ironic because I had twin girls myself! I will send pictures when I find out how! Thanks for all the advice before birth.. now I am sure questions will come during this next process.
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The first thing you need to watch for is that mom cats almost always move their litters within the first few days, and often not to a better place.
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It's possible that the two black ones were from a different father if the rest of the litter is very different in color. I don't know how common actual twins are in cats, though.
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She had them in the garage. I have a few boxes in there. She started having them in the box and then came out on to a towel - don't know if the box was just too hot. So just a little bit ago, i cleaned up the towel she had them on since it was wet and bloody. I have 2 big towels that are soft down right now in front of the birthing box. She is laying out on them with the crew.

I have both garage doors down with only about 1 inch showing to let air in. We have a ceiling fan going and a fan to draw air towards the garage doors to hopefully draw out the muggyness. It is like 80 in the garage and she seems very comfortable with them right there. I won't allow her out and she has no desire right now. There is a male cat around (not daddy either) along with skunks, coyotes, and who knows what else...and that scares me so she is going to be in the garage for a while.

Also, she is very comfortable with me around them, petting them, and I even helped a few find their milking spot! She has no problem with me being there and touching them - thank heavens

Everyone seems healthy and all are eating and she hasn't dissed any of them. I did notice some still have like a little embilical cord at the belly.. does it just fall off eventually? will she chew it off? They are all dry now and I see colors.. they are SOOOO cute I can't find how to post an image, except off the net, and all mine are on my computer right now.

Talk to you soon...
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It might be possible, but that is weird. There are 2 tabbies with orange, black and browns (like mom), 2 greys and now these 2 black ones.. all are healthy though!
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twins are possible in cats, more common in some breeds, I think I have heard Siamese are more likely, but I am not sure. My girl had 2 sets of twins in her litter back in May. She had 7 babies and only 5 afterbirths, and the babies with the shared placentas looked very similar, but not exactly alike.
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Didn't think about the placenta.. yes there was only one. Because I think she was soo tired she chewed on it, but then left it go, so I cut it. It was only hanging by a thread.

Here is another question.. I noticed tonight when I was out looking at the babies (which she now put all back into the birthing box) she was walking around and still had a little blood coming from her. I assume (just like a woman) that she will. She had herself all cleaned up. She is not in heat right away is she?

These babies are soooo cute!
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Moms usually bleed for a couple of days after birth, and usually just spotting, not oozing.

I bet the kittens are cute as pie, and can't wait to see pics!

you can upload pics to and then just copy and past the IMG stuff, should be at the bottom of the list under each picture.
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just did.. check out the new thread with her picture and her crew!
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Crud! I can't believe I missed this. I'm glad everything went ok, though!!

Since she is multicolored, she will have kittens that can be any color, orange, black, or tabby. My Elsa (black) had a litter of 8 and it was very strange. There were 2 brown tabbies, 2 gray tabbys, a black one and 3 completely white ones. We figured the white ones had a different dad than the others!!!

Your kitty will bleed a little for a few days. Just some spots about as big as a quarter, and not that many either. The umbilical cords should drop off on their own, but keep an eye out for anything that looks strange there.
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