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My kitty is being spayed tomorrow.

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Well she is about a 1 1/2 years old, I found her out in the cold in Feb. stuck near a snow bank. She was in heat when I found her, but not pregnant. I looked for the owner but did not find them, so I just could not give her up after that...LOL

She has been in heat several times and it really is sad to watch her, so after working with the Humane society they are going to do it for $75.00, that's compared to the $400.00 the vet estimated me. Don't get me wrong I love her vet but just can't pay that.

It's been a while since I have had a spayed kitty around, my other cat is 17 years old. So just a question or 2.

What do I watch for after she comes home? Should I keep her separated from my older cat? (They don't play together, they tolerate...LOL)

She will be coming home around 4pm tomorrow, will she be okay when I go to work on Tuesday??
Guess I am just a little worried...LOL
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Wow, $400. It's $50 here, plus a few extra costs. Less than $100 total.

She will probably be uncomfortable the first couple of days and may not eat well. You may have to provide particularly tasty food during that time to get her to eat.

Watch the incision for any signs of infection, herniation, or opening.

Keep her stress level down.

That's about it.
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Thank you! Okay so Nikita is a little fresh when not in heat, she is a sweetie, but a little umm.. feisty....LOL
Do you think she will calm down some after surgery??
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That spay price is outrageous!!

She will calm down after her spay, you will probably notice a difference within about a month.

Lots of healthy vibes that way for her
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Thank you!!
She is fasting she can't eat after 9pm tonight. I love how affectionate she can be but we see mostly when she is in heat.
When she is not, you can be petting her and she will turn on you like something has spooked her. I know she doesn't like you to stand over her either, when your laying down like in a bed she is fine, she seems to like that.

I don't know her background so i don't know why she is like that, it drives my family crazy, i don't like it either but when she is being fresh i just walk away, they seem to want to break her of it, i don't blame them but i also have no idea what to do about it either.
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