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Cat has Pancreatitis & w/not eat...

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Her real name is Terror. I want to preface this by saying, i have read the threads on Pancreatitis, saw the documentation on the cat food analysis (great stuff you guys, i'm so glad i found this forum)....

Outside of cooking my own food for her which i cannot do at this time, I am beside myself trying to get this cat to eat. The vet put her on Hills W/D and she wants no part of it. She was on Purina and that's what she wants (i've been mixing it in w/the W/D and she picks it out).

My question to any of you out there who has a cat w/this illness: What have you been feeding yours? Is there any wet foods (or dry) out there they can eat that they actually like? I am so sick of running back and forth to Petco to return food... The vet said if she doesn't like the W/D, try something on that idea by comparing the food values on the bag. Science Diet Light is close but none of my cats cared for that. I appreciate all feedback.

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Welcome to TCS and I am so sorry your Terror has pancreatitis.

If you read the pancreatitis threads, mine is the big one, It is a hard disease to get under control. I make my own food, but with the pancreatitis attacks it doesn't matter what food it is, Stomper won't eat when he is having an attack. Also no matter what food I feed it never keeps him from having another attack.

Getting him to eat when he is sick is a combo of things. Cyproheptadine to stimulate his appetite. However, I now have a new vet that uses mirtazapine which stimulates appetite and reduces nausea and it only needs to be given once every three days. For Stomper this mean usually once per attack, by three days he is usually eating on his own again.
Also burphrophine for pain and fluids. He also is now on prednisolone for life. That is for the acute attacks.

Is your vet thinking the W/D is going to stop or prevent recurrent pancreatitis? I am not sure why the W/D is being recommended.
for pancreatitis. Cats with this are different than dogs or people, fat content is not really a factor.

In general good foods that Stomper liked and didn't aggrevate his IBD too bad were Natural Balance Ultra Wet, The Duck and green pea and Venison and green pea wet formulas as well. I am a firm believer in feeding all wet food if you can.

For dry food, my cats all like California natural chicken and rice. Someone recently posted an ingredient listing for Costco's chicken and rice and it was very similar and MUCH less expensive.

Again no food has ever stopped his acute attacks. So get a good food, low limited grain/fillers, good quality protein that Terror will eat. Then make sure you have all the supportive care medications on hand for acute attacks.

I am not sure if I actually answered what you were asking. or not. Feel free to PM me
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