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Worried About the Kittens!

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Ok so I've officially had the kittens for a little over 3 days. And I'm worried about them. Before I start they are going to the vet tomorrow at 1040am but I would like advice from you guys too.

Ok first of all I have having a hard time getting them to go potty, I stimulate them with a warm wet paper towel, and 90% of the time they will all urinate. But they almost never poo, when they do it looks good (I think) kind of a yellow brown with a soft toothpaste consistancy. One of them (Ziggy) was having Diarrhea so I added some water to dilute the KMR in case it might be too rich and he hasn't had any Diarrhea today, so thats good I think, but im still worried that they seem to only poo once a day.

Also, ok, Ziggy is small and hasn't gained any weight since I got them, Magic and Hope seem to be thriving they're larger, louder, eat better and move better then the other 2 and have gained a full ounce since I got them. The littlest one oreo eats like crazy but has actually lost half an ounce, so im REALLY worried about him. We are estimating them to be about a week old and they are getting fed 5-6 cc's every 3-4 hours. Is that ok? Any help and advice would be great! Thanks!
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Im no real expert on small kittens. But poo once a day shouldnt be too bad. We had also cases where they didnt no poo several days. THIS was scary, but ended well.
The constistence and colour sounds entirely normal.

Excellent at least two of the kittens are thriving. Hope it goes well with the two smaller too.

Although it is no secret not all kittens make it. It is necessary to hope and fight on, but one must be prepared for defeat now and then...

Good luck!

btw, you do know the site www.kitten-rescue.com ?
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I've been following your ordeal with the kittens....I hope the vet is able to help you out today and all goes well ...
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Just got home from the vet, everyone got a thumbs up. I was totally wrong about the sexes, lol. The 2 blackand white bi-colors are males and the 2 black ones are females so now we have to think of new names smile.gif

They were weighed and their official weights are

Oreo - 74.5 grams
Ziggy - 86 grams
Hope - 115 grams
Magic - 128.5grams

So theres quite a difference in them. She said that even though Oreo is the smallest that he seems healthy. Shes the most worried about ziggy, he seems to be the weakest. I'll keep everyone updated
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Keep up the good work.. you are doing wonders!!!!

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