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They are just over 3 weeks old now! All eyes are open, they're moving around pretty well. one of the kittens has a gummed up eye, but I'm tryig to keep it clean. They're nibbling on canned food, but not doing more than really lapping up the brothy part. They're using the bathroom on their own, but haven't quite figured out the litterbox yet.

I am having a bit of a problem though. I'm feeding them milk replacement, because Loudmouth is not feeding them very often or very much. We had the same problem with her last litter too. But these cry ALL the time. She doesn't spend much time with them at all. There's 7 of them and I just can't seem to feed them enough or keep them warm enough. They're in a small pet carrier, and I've got Prissy's kitty bed heater in there, but they're still crying all the time.

Anyone got any advice for me?