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Catit Senses Massage center

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I found this on Amazon for 15 dollars and was wondering if anyone had tried it. It looks good, and I think the kitten would like the part to chew on. Here is a link to a good picture of it.

Any Ideas on this? I think I might buy it but would like to know what others thought of it.

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Well it looks a little ridiculous, but it might work. Although if your kitties are anything like mine, they're more likely to play with the box it came in than the toy. Ha ha.
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I bought the US version, called the Cat Spa, many years ago and no one used it. It's under my bed; maybe I should drag it out again and see what happens.
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Yeah, after thinking about it I don't think I'll get it. My cats never seem to use the things I get them, so I'll just try to find some good chew toys for Pixel instead.

So, a new question. Does anyone know of some good chew toys for kittens?

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We bought some Petstages chew toys for Lola. She also likes the Kong Wubba toys for cats.
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We have tried some of the petstages ones and she just ignors them. Our biggest problem is she has decided to chew on all of the things she isn't supposed to. We will have to try the Kong Wubba toys. Thanks for the advice.

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I also have the US version. Most of it they could care less about, but Levi chewed the heck out of the gum thing. Levi is my chewer. His favorites are actually PetStages Toys for dogs. They make some called Orka plastic. They are a light blue see thru chewy plastic. He LOVES those. He liked the old kitty kong, but he killed many of those very quickly. The dog toys last better. I tried the puppy Kong, but he wanted nothing to do with it & I don't blame him. I smelled like a tire. The PetStages toys from the Orka plastic don't smell that way.
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