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Tulisiwe (1982-2003)

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My Tuli died this morning.
She developed an open sore on her side on her side on Thursday which was not responding to antibiotics, and she stopped eating and drinking. The vet was injecting water under her skin daily to counteract dehydration,and other meds, but by last night she had lost her sense of balance.
The vet let me hold her in my arms while she administered the final injection. She gave a little mew and was gone.
I am devastated. I knew that at her age she didn't have forever, but thought I would have time to prepare.
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*hugs* Sadly even being able to prepare doesn't make the pain any less. You are in my warmest thoughts.
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You have my heart felt condolances for your loss.
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I'm so sorry for your loss, she was a beautiful kitty.
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You can never prepare for this type of loss. Even when you believe you are ready for it to come, after all is said and done, no one can prepare themselves for the major heartache, all the tears, the anger, the depression that follows.

Tuli was with the one you most cared about in the end, and that was no accident. Because you were wise enough to understand the end was drawing near, and because you were strong enough to do the right thing, your love pulled you through this most difficult moment. Your love will continue pulling you through the tough times ahead. Please know there is a lot of support here for you, and many understand your path before you having walked it themselves.

When you are strong enough, visit this page and see if you can perhaps find help among the many websites listed here:


Take care of yourself, be good to yourself and don't blame yourself. Losing a pet is a very real part of sharing your life with one.
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Oh I'm so sorry How very sad.

Everytime I come into this forum I start crying.
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I'm so sorry.
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I'm so very sorry to hear that you lost your beloved baby!
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Thank you all
My vet Tina would not actually tell me to directly to have Tulisiwe euthanased, but said all that we can do is keep her comfortable. The night before Tuli was crying all the time on my bed and I could not put her through that. Non-animal people cannot understand the bond one has with a pet who was once fiercely independent, and then becomes totally reliant on one. (Tuli lost her sight last year) Tina was so relieved I had decided Tuli was tired. My young cat Zandile is searching everywhere for Tuli, although Tuli would not give her the time of day.
(Their names are Zulu, difficult to get your tongue around).
Tuli never lost her dignity. She couldn't get into her litter box properly at the end, but tried, and wee'd on the carpet half in and half out.
Tuli was my first cat, I was always a dog person. I found her wandering in Durban Harbour, perhaps off one of the ships, totally emaciated, took her home, and she made me a cat person.
Sorry this was so long, I needed to talk to like minded people.
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Once again Michael, I'm very sorry for your loss. She knows you did the right thing and now she is no longer suffering. Please know that you have lots of support here during this time of sorrow. We all have open ears and soft shoulders to cry on if you need us. Feel free to post anytime! Most of us have been in your shoes a time or two and know exactly what you are going through. It is one of the most difficult journeys in life.
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I am so sorry for your loss,hugs from NY
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This is so upsetting I'm sorry for your loss!

R.I.P Tuli Love Sam
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Trying not to be anthropomorphic, I hope Tuli would be proud that I didn't drink through this. I am a recovering alcoholic, three years sober, and I asked my vet to keep my wallet on that day, just in case. It was very close. My little Zandi doesn't know what to do, I have never seen her so despondent. I cannot get another cat so soon, although the Animal Rescue and the SPCA here are crying out for homes.
This site means a great deal to me. Although I don't post often, I visit every day. Thank you.
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She would be so very proud of you! I too am proud of you that you did turn to alcohol during this sad time. Just think she's smiling down upon you right now and is completely free of pain.

Take your time on getting another kitty. You will know deep down in your heart when it's the right time. Just give lots of loves to Zandi right now. She may not understand why her best friend is gone, but try to fill that void by loving her more than ever before.

Good luck Hon. You're in my thoughts...
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Michael, it takes great inner strength to walk away from something as enabling as one drink can be when you are hurting. You have a rare courage, and I know that someday soon, you will find another cat to help the both of you cope with this loss.

You are right, most vets will not tell you that it is time, but they will gently guide you to the point that you are considering it, and they will smile sympathetically when it is over and either give you a handshake or a hug- depending on the depth of their compassion.

I have walked this path many times, and it never gets any easier, but it does let up over time. Keep the memories close to your heart and know she is part of your soul now and will be with you till the end of your time.

I wish for you to find the peace you need to make yourself whole again-
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I'm sorry ot hear of your loss.
If need to talk, feel free to post anything you want to. We're all here to help in some way.

Take your time in getting another kitty. You will know when it is the time to get another cat to join your home. Spend time with Zandi and talk to her telling her where your friend has gone.
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This is my Zandi, a bad picture. She has taken to waiting at the door for Tuli to come back, and crying when I come through the door without Tuli. She is allowed on my bed now (Tuli had made the rule that she was'nt, not me) and is making the most of it!
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forgot to attach
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Gorgeous Kitty!
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