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So i got my little baby some bubbles,blow them toward her,she is so scared of em, Thought she would enjoy,lol.
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Yeah, our cats hated them!
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yup my two hate them to haha
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I just made a make shift bubble thingy out a a big twist tie and made up some bubble stuff and tried in on the cat. An amused fascination is the best I can describe this. She just watched the bubbles fall. I think I had a better time blowing bubbles. Though she is now interested and looking for where the bubbles landed!
Going to have to go out and get some proper bubble stuff
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I have one boy that runs under the bed soon as I unscrew the bubble container All the others love to play with bubbles.
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All five of my indoor cats are afraid of them. I'm glad I found that out before I wasted money on catnip bubbles. It's too bad, it could have been fun.
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my girl will watch me blow catnip scented bubbles, but she lets me know i better NOT get them anywhere near her. Sigh, I do love the catnippy smell though -- maybe I'm part kitty?
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Gigi doesn't like 'em either! Darn! I was at my local Kroger and picked them up on impulse in the pet aisle. Waste of money, oh well!! And while I like catnip...and I like soap, the combination of the two is kind of sickening!
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I dont know about bubbles never tried them cuz they get everything all sticky when you play with them alot lol!! But mine loveee bubble wrap!! Hahaha
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