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A couple questions about my new kitten

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I hope I'm in the right forum here. If not, apologies in advance.

My little kitten, Zero, is about 10-11 weeks old, and has usually eaten her dry Iams kitten food. A couple days ago I got her a new scratch post and used treats to lure her to the top in order to encourage her to use it. Last friday I also gave her a tiny scrap of a chicken dinner. Very tiny. But now I think she refuses to eat her iams food. The bowl this morning was almost full, and every time I see her go near it she looks inside, then shakes her head disapprovingly. I don't want her to go hungry, but I don't want to pull the treats out, or feed her her non kitten food. Is letting starvation a good motivator to get her to eat HER food again?

second. How much cold can cats stand? I like sleeping in a cold room with the fan on. I live near an airport so the fan drowns out the noise. However if the night is cool then the room can get a little chilly. Which I like, but don't know if the cat will like. Generally I don't let her sleep in bed, and she has her own soft like cave. But I have no idea if she is cold or not.

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Cats will not starve themselves to death just to be finicky. She is having a battle of wills with you, it just happens to be over food this time. If you give in to her, she will have you right where she wants you, though she will probably do that eventually, anyway. Honestly, I usually lost those battles.
If she is cold, she will find someplace to get warm. You could get a baby blanket for her bed if you think she may be cold. She will wrap up in it if she needs to. If she is really cold, she would probably sneak up for a cuddle with you. That is what mine do, although in losing one of those battles of wills, I now have 4 cats that will come up for a cuddle or to get warm. They are great little foot warmers in the winter time, and head warmers, belly warmers, ear warmers, just name it.
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The food war is one I'm determined to win. It's not even really a battle. I know she can get used to table scraps and treats, and will simply just keep giving her her normal food until her hunger gives in.

As for the blanket. She keepts wanting to jump in bed with me. I gave in last night, but feel that could set a bad example. We'll see how that turns out.
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I agree with the battle of wills. Of course she likes the treats better..that's why they're called treats! How many kids wouldn't love to eat cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner? She'll eat when she gets hungry enough. Giving them chicken or fish is fine, just give it very sparingly or else you will have a demon on your hands! Our one cat, Gizmo, now LOVES hot buffalo wings. Not mild, not medium...HOT. My husband gave him a little bit (including the skin with the hot sauce) one night because he wouldn't leave him alone and now he craves it! I swear that cat knows as soon as the car pulls in what is in the bag, because he starts meowing and begging even before we open them up. Cleaning the litterbox the next day is NOT a fun task though, I can tell you that.

As for the cold, actually I think cats prefer cooler temps to hotter temps. I feed the barn cats and even in the middle of winter they are fine. I don't really think a cooler room is going to hurt her. A blanket she can snuggle up in is a good idea but what is cool to us is probably comfortable to her. After all, she has a fur coat made by mother nature.

BTW...welcome to TCS!
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