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new kitten

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I bought a new kitten today. She is about 10 weeks old. She is a bengal kitten - a dark marble. She came from the same breeder that Igot Gizmo & Scooter from. I also got to hold one of their servals (they have 5). Those cats are so awesome.. he even gave me a kiss

Her name will be Winnie (as in Winnie the Pooh). I pick her up after work on Friday.
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Congrats! Do ya got pictures yet? Can't wait to see them!
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Not right now, but go to and click on the kittens link. She is the one at the bottom. Shes a lot smaller in person though. Then if you go to the servals link, and click on the studs and queens you;ll see the ones they have. I got to hold Benjumani.
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awww how sweet!! Kittens are so cute!
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Love your kittens! And a question - there is almost no bengals in Russia. Is it correct that there are diddiculties in breeding bengals without crossing them with Leopards again and again?
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I mean difficulties
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Congratulations on your new baby!
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She's beautiful I love Bengals.
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Wonderful news Kim! I'm so jealous!
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I was telling hubby about the snow girl who was there. When i was holding her, she was soo affectionate! She was biting at my hair and purring away. He is sayin he will let me get her, too, if she is still there on Friday. They knock the price downs if you buy 2.
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I love the little, "Mrrow", you get when you click on their pages! LOL Ben Jumangi is cute!

Winnie is such a sweetheart! Be sure to tell us all about her and post pics when you bring her home!
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just been to the site, they are som unbelievably gorgeous!

I bet you really cannot wait until Friday and you're getting another one as well? I really hope you get to take them both home!
Give them some kisses and cuddles from us
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Ya, if you click on their kittens, I am also getting the snow marble female -- Hubby gave me permission, lol.
I just hope the others wont be upset at me for brining in 2 more additions!
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Congrats! Bet you can't wait to get the little bundle home! I like kittens and would love to get a Persian as a kitten someday but I've been too busy rescuing the adult Persians that people keep abandoning.
Maybe someday <sigh> I DO love the big kitties too though!

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2 babies at once! Great idea to keep them calmer. At least the change won't be too bad with a sibling! Congrats!
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What an absolute beauty of a cat. I have never seen a Bengal before. Stunning is the word I am looking for.
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Congrats! Bengals are great. Our little bengal is a brown marble 6 months old
Can't you take home all three kittens??? The other one is a little cutie as well. His markings are not as clear because he is in what is called the "fuzzy ugly" stage of bengals kittens growth. Notice that his picture was taken 2 months before the other kitten's pictures.

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Congrats!! on the new Kitty's.
I have a male Bengal, you will enjoy these Kitty's. They keep you going(lol) My kitty is just three months, he has been with me just under a month, it only took him a few days to own the house. They are very smart cats.
Good luck with the new ones.
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We will have 5 bengals now. Should be fun tonight
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Oh I can't wait to see pics when you bring them home!!!

Good luck!
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