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Tasseled Bookmarks

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I bought a couple of cute tasseled bookmarks. You know the type that has sayings or Bible verses on them with a tassel. Well, my kitties think that I bought them so they can play with them! I have to tuck the tassel under the book when I lay it down.

I also bought a document file that has an elastic band to keep it closed. I was printing DH's disability file yesterday, and Dusty decided that the file was hers and proceeded to try and drag it away! I had to put it beyond their reach after I printed everything!
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That is funny. Better get an extra bookmark (no tassels) to make sure you can continue your reading w/o losing your place.
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That was nice of you to get your kitties a new toy! Sounds like they approve
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In my apartment, anything that has dangle-y bits or can be scooted across the floor has been comandeered by Aya-chan at some point.

In this country that includes cellphone charms and chopsticks. She's even been caught attacking the ties on my quilt.
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