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Lion cuts--cost, vet vs groomer?

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So it may be inevitable that Jack is going to need to get hair cut. I just found quite a large mat on him, we do try and comb him two times a week but had no idea this mat had formed on his back. He usually only knots around his head and the back of his legs--so this area is usually our focus.

He also really needs his potty area done anyway.

But I have some questions. Do we go to a groomer or a vet? What is this going to cost? Jack is not a big fan of grooming, so I'm not sure he'd sit for a regular groomer.


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It depends on the cat. When Ginger needed matts taken off her belly, we went to the groomer. But when Ferris, the former feral, needs a grooming, he goes to the vet and gets put under so he's asleep for the lion cut.

A lot of vets don't do "grooming," so you may want to ask around in your area.
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Tedi is an older cat with kidney and heart problems. He is also a persian that can no longer really groom himself properly so I take him to the vet to get him a lion's cut. He mostly has to be put under because he will literally freak out and he doesn't need more problems being stressed.

I'd say that if your cat is pretty laid back - then a groomer would work, but if your cat gets nervous or upset easily go to a vet. I would check prices for both.
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Jack has quite a bit of attitude. Not sure how he would react to being awake for the whole thing. Generally he tolerates a comb for 5 minutes and only around his head. We clip his butt area with scissors but we have to scruff him, one holds while the other ckips.

I'll start making some calls this week.

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Simon has his lion cut at our vet who does grooming as well. I thought he would have to be sedated because he HATES to be brushed but they never have any trouble with him.

Except when some newbie decided grooming Simon meant giving him a bath. So now his records have great big words NO BATH.
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what did you end up doing - I'm lucky, as my vets' practice has a groomer attached - which is handy - you can sign a form saying that if there are any issues whatsoever during the grooming, to get the vet over immediately.
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Well do to the fact that we bought a house last week--well are in the process. Life has gotten quite crazy. I think initially I'm going to see how he reacts to the sound of clippers, hubby has some, and see if we can't get the matt off his back, and we'll worry about his booty later.

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