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Kitchi exploring..... (with some help)

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Finally, I am able to let the kittens out of isolation

needless to say, they are a little intimidated by their newfound world, and give the true meaning to "scaredy cats".

Here's a few shots of Kitchi.... (NN, and yes, a name post is coming.... was really scared so I didn't catch any pics of him.... He'd hightail it back up to "their room".

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Awww! So adorable! Love their fluffy tails!
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Brave Kitchi is out exploring his new world! And, isn't Kizzy so nice in helping him out? Both of them are the cutest.
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Now if only we could get them more comfortable. Both Kitchi and NN are the definition of scaredy cats
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Awwwww tooooooooo freakin cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Im in love with big fluffy smooshy tails!!!!!!! Do they have hairy toes too.....Herc does and I loveeeeeee kitty toes they are sooooooooooooooooooo adorable!! (and yes Im mentally saying all this in a squealy girlie girl voice and baby talking too..LOL)
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Kizzy has clearly decided its his job to demonstrate who's boss.

Luv the captions, BTW.
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CUTE!! Kitschi reminds me of a my old girl Dinah whom I had for 17 years.
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