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Health Supplements: Transfer Factor

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I've seen alot of people that talk about it, but I was wondering how many people actually use it, which version you use and where do you buy it from?

I'm trying to shop around for the best deal, since it is quite expensive.

(btw: anyone that want some, the one place I've found has a bulk discount that I'd be willing to split the costs: https://wellnesscafe.priormy4life.co...=24070&cid=443 )

How about Source Naturals Wellness transfer factor....it is substantially similiar and much more affordable:


Thx for any input.
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anyone have any thoughts? I'm very curious about the second one.
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I have not used this, but I have a cat with bad allergies that I would like to see if it might help.

My vet that is a regular DVM and alternative medicine vet has the opinion that SOME of the quality human brand supplements MAY be fine for animals.

I just started researching trying to find something comparable. I wonder if some of the "colostrum" supplements might help.



This one has colostrum and added herbs. I will be checking with the alt. med. vet that has experience with homeopathic treatments to see what is safe and in what amount. http://www.iherb.com/Now-Foods-Super...Vcaps/855?at=0

Look forward to see what others have experienced. Thanks for bringing this up!
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I use it, and have been using it for a while with Bugsy.
Which one to choose depends on what you need it for. Some of them are better for increasing the immune system, and some are better to modulate the immune system, which means to increase or decrease it accordingly (in cases of gingivitis and allergies, for example).

First of, here is where I get mine from, and from all the shopping I have done, it seems to be the best deal:

The strongest version is the Transfer factor Plus - ($56 for 60 capsules). This one should be used for increasing (considerably) the immune system. The capsules are a bit large, but the contents don't have much of a taste, so if your cat is not too finicky, it should be easily "concealed" into their wet food. This was the one I used for Bugsy for quite a while... 1 capsule a day is what I used.

The next version is the feline. This one, even though it seems less expensive, in the end it turns to be much more expensive, as one can will last about 15 days for a cat like ours. You also need to mix a lot of it in the food - like 2/3 tsp, so it does add considerable taste to the food. The smell is a sweet sugar cane smell, and IMO not really enticing. I would not recommend this version.

The last, and the current version I am using, is the TF Classic. This is the one recommended to modulate the Immune system, which is what Bugsy needs, as he has immune mediated gingivitis. It does increase the kills cells, but it also decreases the self immune response. This one is recommended by vets for immune deseases, such as allergies, gingivitis/stomatitis, etc. It is also the most affordable one; $37.95 for 90 capsules. The capsules are much smaller, which makes it easier to be accepted by mixing it in their wet foods.

Since I started Bugsy on TF, he has not gotten sick, which is a BIG deal. However, this is not the only supplement he takes... I am sure it is part of it though...
I have also taken everytime I was coming up with a "bug", and it has worked like a charm - having it at home has kept me from getting sick more than a few times.

I hope this helps.
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I used TF Plus last year when I had two kittens that had been exposed to a fatal form of FIP. My vet was happy about my using it, though he had not had experience with it before. I opened the capsules and sprinkled it on their wet food, and it was easy to give it like that. They took one capsule a day for three months.

I do not know if it helped, but the kittens did not develop FIP, though another cat with the same exposure did, and died. The kittens have just had their end of year exam and vaccination, and the vet (a different one as they are now in a new 'forever' home) has pronounced them the healthiest young cats he has ever seen.
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Like many many if not all natural items it works awesome for some and not at all for others..

FYI try NOT to BOOST immune systems of fragile origin but support them... pm me if you want more info
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