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Soft Claw nightmare - is it only me??

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I was so happy reading the changes on the new Soft Claw... How the new design helps them stay longer... Yeah, not everything that shines like gold is gold! That might be an enticing change, but I will tell you, for me it was anything but.
I applied a set to Lucky and Hope on 05/29 - that is 2 1/2 months ago! I went to their website, and they advised to cut the tips to break the seal, and they would come off. Not!
I tried to cut them a little more, but how can you judge how far you can go, when you can't see the quick?
Lucky's nails were almost touching her foot pad, so long they were
Today I had to unpleasant task of torturing my baby to take these off - it took me forever... I basically started cutting little by little, peeling the outside of it until it was very thin; I then cut it with a cuticle nipper, and ripped it off. I wasn't able to take one though... Poor baby!
I was amazed to see about 3 THREE layers of shed nails, all glued together!
Lucky is an amazing kitty, that lets me do pretty much anything with her, and this was awful - I can't imagine what I am going to do to take Hope's nails off...
In between this and declawing, of course I recommend this 100x over; but I personally will not use it again... IMO you need to be VERY diligent with these - there was a member who posted a calendar here; something like that would be helpful.
Anyway, anybody here with the same problem?
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My calendar!!

Sorry, I need to get over myself, I know.

I don't know how to precisely judge how much you can cut the tips off. I just do, I did 3 last night after getting back from a 4 day trip. Looking at the calendar it was time.

Genever had 1 soft paw that came off while we were gone, so it was almost like you could tell from looking at the actual claw for comparison for about how much to clip the end of the soft paw. I know, it could easily end up ouchy and horrible, but I just feel like i kinda know. And I do always err on the side of cutting less than I probably could. A few minutes after I clipped the ends, Genever just went to town and chewed one right off and spit it out for us. Good girl G!

It's strange that you had such troubles with them not coming off!! Maybe you used too much glue, or they're the wrong size? I don't know what to tell you. Like I said, G-cat's sometimes stay on too long but once I cut the ends it's typically no more than 2-3 days before they come off. And since the first time i noticed they stay on too long, I am very diligent about keeping track and check her paws all the time so I don't let them stay on for too long. So much in fact that then she wants to check my hands with her teeth. "I said that's enough now, meowmy!"
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I give you all credit - I could never go to so much trouble for kitty claws. It's just so much easier and faster to clip the claws for me.
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I just put them on for the first time a little over 2 weeks ago. Jordan & Maggie have each lost / pulled 1 off. I will tell you that if you don't mind the color purple, the purple ones are as of yet not made in the new design.
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I think it sounds as though you put too much glue in there. If you put the glue just in the tip, and dont overfill, there shouldn't be a problem. Maybe the new design makes it hard to tell how much glue is in there? Maybe the new soft claw is designed in such a way that the glue spreads out too much in the claw before it's dry?

I had a problem with one Soft Claw being stuck a while ago (old style), and clipped the end and it came off in the next day or two if I recall correctly.
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Originally Posted by Rang_27 View Post
I will tell you that if you don't mind the color purple, the purple ones are as of yet not made in the new design.
But... but.. G's got purple ones and I still have to cut at least some of them off because they don't seem to come off in a timely fashion..

(taken before the Calendar was invented)
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I love the purple ones on grey cats. My "Big Boy" Levi has purple. Some one made a comment about a boy kitty wearing purple & I just said, "He mewos like a girl, prances around the house wearing his Pink & purple collar & we don't judge him. We love Levi, no mater what colors he likes."
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