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I finally got around to posting more pictures of our new kitten, Pixel. She is adjusting AMAZINGLY to our house and to Tubee. They get along pretty well which we thought would never happen since she was so afraid of other cats, but she is doing very well with him. Her and Root still have some differences they need to work out but they tolerate each other. She went for her final temporary shots a couple weeks ago and she had gained 1.5 lbs in three weeks. She is a little pig at about 5 lb now, but is very healthy.

Ok, time for pictures!

First off, getting ready to pounce at her toy!

"Whatcha doin ma?"

Then we got into the fun pink box!

And finally after all this fun, a well deserved nap.

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OMG!!!! I love her name! So perfect for a tortie coloring like hers! She is adorable
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Oh my gosh! Pixel is soooo cute. What a doll-baby!
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What a pretty little tortie!
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She's gorgeous, I love torties
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Aww, such a pretty face!! Glad she is doing well, she certainly looks like a happy kitty!
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Hi everyone!! I haven't been on in a loooongg time, but im back Pixel is doing amazingly she has adjusted to our house better than we could have ever anticipated!! She cuddles up with Root and Tubee all the time and is a lover!!! I only have one pic to put up right now of the three together, but I hope you enjoy it!!

Left to right, Tubee, Pixel, and Root

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your Pixel is almost [but not quite!] as cute as mine!
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Lol, gotta love them pixel kitties!!!
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That pic of your 3 snuggling up is sooooo cute!! Glad everyone is getting along well!
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That is such a cute picture! That is definitely one very close feline family.
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Absolutely precious! And welcome back!
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Pixel is a pretty girl. I love the picture of them all snuggling
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