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No Contractions??

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Princey hasnt had any contractions since her mucus plug came out.. Im getting worried... and my vets closed...


Its been an hour or an hour an a half..
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Take a deep breath and calm down. Do you have help at your home right now? Can you take a rectal temp on Princey?
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my mom went out, and we dont have those glass thermometors but we have an electric one?
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No you need an animal thermometer (rectal) It may be that what you saw was not the whole plug but just a discharge, what is Princey doing now? Is she licking herself down there a lot? Is she panting? straining? sleeping? what?
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Shes trying to lick down there, but she cant because her belly is in the way .. its really

shes panting and then stops then pants again. Shes licking everywhere else though.
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Ok has she eaten recently? When you look at her rear do you see anything like a fluid filled bubble (it would be small) or anything out of the ordinary? Any blood?

Crystal, I will be RIGHT back, I have to bring the horses out of the lower pasture, but then I will be back here.
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Hey Crystal, glad to hear Princey is finally on her way to mother hood!!!

I'm certainly not no cat expert but I do believe these things take some time, just because she lost her mucus plug doesn't mean she will have them immediatley following.....she could be in labor for hours (I actually saw one on Animal Planet). Sounds to me like she is doing fine and what comes natural.

Just take a deep breathe......go exhale.....

Good, just be there for her and comfort her.

Keep up the reports on her!

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a little of the canned natural balance.. and a little dry food of eukanuba.. but that was a few hours ago.. since the mucus plug or discharge was covering her "private areas" and she couldnt clean it I cleaned it for her LOL.. ( I was wearing gloves LOL )

Thats all .. no bubbles or anything .. but shes laying under the dresser.. now she went down stairs brb
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snowwhite meowed alot an panted right before she had her babies. She didn't like down there much but she did keep cleaning her tummy. I missed the actual birth. I hope that everything goes okay! Snowwhite ate around 11:30pm and when I woke up at 7:00am there was three kittens.
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She should be fine- she is getting ready to have her kittens but it isn't time yet. You need to try and stay calm because she will pick up any anxiety from you and right now she just needs peace and quiet.

Your best indication to determining how soon she will deliver is when her core temp drops to about 100 degrees. After that happens it is about 24 hours or even a little more before the labor starts. But you need a rectal pet thermometer, your mom can buy one at the grocery store in the pet section. That is the best way for you to tell.

Checking on her every 10 minutes isn't going to help her much or you either, just try and relax and let nature take its course.
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is it ok if shes in the room with me and her sister?

What that stuff indeed the mucus plug.. I think it was because it was kind of mucusy.. it was brown-ish beige.. and it was sticking on her.. LOL

I'll ask my mom.. she just got home..
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I sat there and stared at snowwhite almost the whole day before she had the babies...but she didn't have them until I went to sleep! Just try to calm down. Sounds like it is going to happen really soon!! I can't wait to see pics!
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ok, calmed down.

More of that Brown stuff coming out of her "private area" again.

And my mom is going to buy one of those glass thermometors was it?? or is it a "special" pet one? do they have it at walgreens?? lol
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She can find it in the pet section, there is a bulb on one end of it. It will just say a pet thermometer
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my moms going to get it in ten minutes.. Whats the normal temp for a preggo kitty? and whats the labor temp too?

Thanks sooo much!!
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umm.. the only thermometor that any store has around the area.. ( Drugstore, Pharmacy, Etc) is the glass ones.. and electric.. my mom got the glass one any way..

Would the glass one be suffiect?

And if so how would I "take" her tempature?
Since I really havent done this before ?
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Shes 101.3 ? is that good? or bad?
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any kittens yet?? I think the temp is supposed to drop to around 100 degrees when labor starts and then kittens should happen in the next 24 hours.
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