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Question about the shop

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I obviously paid to change my Title format at some point (it's bold and red now). I was looking to change it again - and can't find any place in the shop menu to do that.


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Click "shop main" (on the shop menu drop down) Then "username options".

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Perhaps I'm blind? I only see options to change user names? I don't see any options to change user titles.
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On the control panel, go to Edit Profile and then scroll down to Customs USer title. Although on mine I dont see an option for colors, just to change the wording.
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Thanks. I do know that one. I changed that already. I just didn't want it bold and red anymore! I'm not sure what I wanted to change it to. Actually - if there's any way to do it, I'd love to make the font size smaller. But I'm pretty sure the code stuff doesn't work in the title - if that were the case, actually, then we wouldn't have to buy the change options for it in the shop. So I'm sure the code doesn't work in the title.

My suspicion is that some stuff that used to be in the shop is no longer there. ?
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same place I said, only its on the right hand side, bottom one, "usertitle options"

sorry, my mistake on the first part, I thought you meant you name.
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Yeah, I'm not seeing it. Maybe it's the browser or something. I've had issues like this with the shop before, and it was me. I only see three boxes on the "Shop Main" page, and the titles are from R to L, top to bottom: Misc Options, Points Options, then the bottom row is Username Options and a blank space. Guess I'll have to try opening it up with IE or Opera instead of Firefox.
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That's weird, Laurie. I am in Firefox and can see all the options.
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
That's weird, Laurie. I am in Firefox and can see all the options.
Same here.
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I know - I usually can too. I obviously had it to be able to change the user title to bold and red at some point!

But I have an issue sometimes where it won't let me transfer points to the bank, no matter how I format the number. There is a ghost in my machine!

I can't see it with any of the other browsers either. So I'll just keep checking - it'll eventually turn up.
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Last thought: Shop Main, user history (the list of gifts you've given or recieved).... If you can see that, you should be able to find when you bought the red/bold, click it and it gives the option to remove.
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I don't have any ideas but I wanted to say that I LOVE you avatar. That is too cute!
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