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Questions again.. (I wish she would have these kittens and get it over with!).

Anyway.. this stray that has been with us close to a month now and is due this week next week at the latest (vet said), who stays outside, and in the garage overnight has attracted a male cat. I don't know yet if he is now a stray or belongs to someone in our neighborhood.

Anyway.. he has showed up about 2 to 3 days ago. He comes around and here is what I am not sure of.. he bawls around and meows at her, but also growls and so does she when he shows up and she sticks by us. Of course we chase him off with the broom and he goes for a while, but every now and then pops back up again.

Is he after her? or do you think he wants the food in the garage? I am pretty sure he is a male and not fixed. I saw him this morning he was on the porch. We yelled at him and he took off. I saw him out the bedroom windown and he looked like he was marking the pine trees with his butt up and possibly spraying. She seemed to stay more in the garage today and not outside or under the shed.

Just curious.... any thoughts??? It just worries me when the babies are born. Maybe I just might have to get the basement ready!