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I never hear Persian exhibitors use that term. I only ever hear the term "Peke faced" from those who criticize show quality Persians and wish to make a connection between Persians and Pekingese--usually in the context of making broad claims against the health of show quality Persians and extolling the superior health of their "doll faced" cats.
Oooh, yikes! That's kind of what I thought after I thought about it for a bit. I remember hearing the term YEARS ago (like, 20 years ago or more)..it was NOT on the internet...perhaps in a book or cat magazine even?? Shows how easily one can be taken in by misinformation. Ugh.
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Another interesting tibbit of info - (from cat books in the 70's). Peke-face was only used to describe Red or Red Tabby cats! I remember one book called them "hot house flowers" because they were more prone to problems and breeders had a hard time breeding them.
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