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Silly Cat Poses

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They do seem to get into some funny ones!
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lol!! Well we all know Zoey has tons of crazy poses!

Here is one similar to yours.

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sue which kitty is that
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Those two look like Twins!
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They do LOL.. except for the eyes
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they both look so soft and cuddlie
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Amazing Cats.
Great Photos.
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She is great cat and really funny!
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Yeah Sue which pussy-cat? , I'm thinking it's Pan?

Zoe. is a funny kitty
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This is Yoda....

He used to sleep in a little bowl...

Now he sleeps on a roll...
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They are so cute
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Zoey is SOOOO photogenic. I loooove the paw picture. So awesome!
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Sorry, that's Polly. Yep, he does look like Zoey, even down to the extra toes!
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Extra Toes
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Polly certainly makes use of the extra toes. He is the best climber of the bunch, and I have actually seen him hanging upside down from the underside of the cat tree, swatting at one of the others who was perched on top!
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Here's Roo and his fav toy

and Tigger telling me I need another Coke.
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Wooooopsy It's Polly

Wowie! Tamme Those cats are funky! They are some of my fave's to purrrrve at
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